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Will 2024 turn anime around?

January and February have been relatively slow months for anime. Did anyone watch Gushing Over Magical Girls? What the hell was that?

What a waste of an interesting concept. Early reviews told me to prepare for several big laughs with Mr. Villain’s Day Off, but I was bored to death within the first ten minutes. So I backtracked and finally watched Pluto, which had a great start but failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion.

Despite my whining, I don’t expect the rest of 2024 to disappoint. My Hero Academia will debut its 7th season in early May. I’m in the minority. I thought season 6 ended on a whimper. It became a little too melodramatic for my liking, and the final episode is the dumbest in the show’s history.

Why would any thinking adult risk so many innocent lives by bringing Deku back to the Academy, especially when they could achieve the same result by plopping the character on some desert island and waiting for the bad guys to show up? That episode was so stupid.

One Piece entered the Egghead arc in January. Oda will probably spend the rest of this year laying the foundation for the series finale. I will be shocked if One Piece is still here at the end of 2025. Meanwhile, the third part of The Thousand-Year Blood War may actually change our perspective of Bleach’s final arc. The manga fell apart near the end.

The anime has already fixed the pacing issues that plagued the first two-thirds of the war. The third part will flesh out the components Kubo either skipped or summarized. I don’t know if anyone tuned in for Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminata Saga in January. The show follows Rin Okumura, the son of the demon lord Satan, who hopes to become a powerful exorcist.

While the concept is compelling, the delays killed my enthusiasm for this show. I watched the first season in 2011. Rather than refreshing my memory by revisiting season one before jumping forward to seasons two and three, I would rather watch something new, such as Delicious in Dungeon.

The protagonists are hapless adventurers searching for a member’s sister, who was swallowed by a dragon. They hope to rescue her before the dragon digests her. To achieve their ridiculous objective, they need Senshi, a dwarven warrior who offers to cook the many monsters they encounter and kill.

The concept is equal parts silly and charming. Delicious in Dungeon may become another Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime will return for its third season later this year. I’m slowly making my way through season 2. Hopefully, I can finish it before the third season airs.

Demon Slayer Season 4 will bring us the Hashira Training Arc in a few weeks, and I can’t wait. I know nothing about Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. The four-part anime will supposedly air in May. The original 2006 anime is a masterpiece, so naturally, Roze of the Recapture has me excited.

Tower of God has a second season coming in July. Considering how obsessed I was with the manhwa in the early 2010s, I don’t know how the anime passed me by.

Dragon Ball Daima has Dragon Ball fans worried because the show will transform Goku and his friends into children, which is reminiscent of the highly unpopular Dragon Ball GT. I’m still excited because Akira Toriyama may use Daima to recapture the spirit of the original Dragon Ball, which I prefer to Dragon Ball Z.

I have mostly mentioned older, ongoing shows because they are tried and tested commodities. Although I’m hoping 2024 surprises us by adding some new shows to the conversation.


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