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Le Botti restaurant is after ladies’ hearts

On Thursdays, women take over Le Botti. Nearly 99.9 per cent of the clientele on this bar and restaurant at Sturrock road and Kanjokya street is made of women.

Why? It is ladies’ night and the women get two for a price of one for several fine wines. The table set-up is majorly for girl groups but many single ladies come in to have a good time too. From the upscale spacious setup to the glowing mobile LED night light on each table and lavender essence filling the air, it was clearly designed with ladies in mind.

It is one of Kampala’s finest dining places. The servers are almost on a mission to outdo one another with great customer service. Italy’s dining experience was truly well-copied. Expectedly, all this comes at a relatively higher cost and if you are the kind that expects the usual Ugandan giant portions, here it is all about Italian small portions.

No wonder the men are not finding it as enchanting. It might be an Italian restaurant wannabe, but the menu variance is very African.

From the Senegalese Yassa chicken, and the Shs 23,000 Mozambican peri-peri chicken to the Shs 45,000 Swahili nyama choma to the South African braai mini steaks or the Moroccan chermoula fish, it is food from beyond Italy, accompanied by deep-fried plantain or chips.

It was hard to choose between the bbq pork ribs and the Mozambican peri-peri chicken. The chicken is pleasantly warm and hot, well-basted. The Shs 40,000 pork ribs, are equally well slathered with flavours, tender and juicy, and peel off the bones without any effort. You will be tempted to leak and chew on the bones, but hey, it is fine dining; pretend that you don’t want to.


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