NCHE to revise grading system

Education Minister Jessica Alupo has asked the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to fast-track the grading system process for universities.

This follows a request by the leadership of Uganda National Students Association, (UNSA), who were meeting the minister at her office in Kampala, last week.

UNSA President Abubakar Matanda complained that the current grading system was too stringent, making it difficult to obtain first-class degrees.

The NCHE developed the current grading system in 2008, and, according to Matanda, some universities, like Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) and Uganda Christian University (UCU) accepted it.

Others like Makerere University and Kyambogo have reportedly rejected it, calling it wanting. The minister has given NCHE a month to report back with a new grading system.

Current grading system

4.4-5.0 first class
4.0-4.3 upper second
3.0-3.9 second lower

Revised grading system

4.4-5.0 first class
3.6-4.3 upper 2nd class
2.8-3.5 second class lower0

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