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All 16 teachers of Kibuku school fail to return for Term II reopening

Students of Kibuku primary school

Students of Kibuku primary school

Students of Katiryo primary school in Kibuku district, eastern Uganda were forced to return home after all their 16 teachers were a no-show as the school reopened for the second term yesterday Monday. 

Finding no sign that any teaching was about to take place at their deserted school, all the classrooms locked and the only explanation being that the teachers had preferred to attend to their gardens, the disappointed learners retraced their steps back home.

Whatever the cause of the newfound love for the hoe rather than the chalk, the pupils at the school were not amused. Matia Mukanja, the perplexed school headteacher said only one teacher eventually turned up but was not enough to attend to the returning students.

Kibuku district education officer (DEO), Christopher Wamika has consequently warned teachers and learners against abscondment and absenteeism as the second term begins. According to Wamika, absenteeism by both teachers and learners is one of the causes of poor academic performance in most schools, especially those which are government aided in the district. 

Samwiri Kiirya, a parent said headteachers should use the public service standing orders’ manual to discipline errant teachers found contravening the laws. He also urged parents to send their children early to school and with enough scholastic materials to avoid any disturbances while learning.

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