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3 students of Apac Model school test positive for COVID-19

Three pupils of Apac Model primary school in Apac municipality have tested positive for COVID-19. The two girls and one boy are part of the primary seven candidates who returned to school to prepare for their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).  

The affected pupils are from the boarding section of the school. The school headteacher, David Newton Odong, says the positive students first presented with the symptoms of malaria, which was being managed at the school.

"Most of our children have been presenting with malaria and since we had the school nurse, they have been undergoing treatment for malaria. But it was last week around Thursday when five children their condition persisted. Even after treating malaria, they were still presenting some signs like fever, vomiting and two children were having nose bleeding. When they presented that, we had to involve the health worker, we called the DHO and recommended taking samples of 5 children. Later on, results came and 3 children had tested positive for COVID-19," Odong said. 

Asked whether the pupils are getting help from teachers, Odong said the teachers are very comfortable with the pupils and are teaching them separately while observing social distance. According to Odong the pupils have been well managed and are currently studying on their own. 

Sarah Amongi, a parent neighbouring the school, says they are scared because some teachers from the school rent within the community and can easily transmit the virus. 

Francis Leon Oceng, the Apac district health officer advises parents not to stigmatize the teachers, saying they haven’t been in close contact with the affected pupils. Oceng added until one of the teachers presents with COVID-19 symptoms, they will not be tested. 

He, however, called upon the community to take the standard operating procedures (SOPs) seriously since Apac district has started registering high numbers of positive cases. Cumulatively, Apac has so far registered 39 COVID-19 cases. 

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