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Minister Janet to embark on countrywide tour over school fees

Education minister Janet Museveni

Education minister Janet Museveni

The minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni is going to embark on a national tour to 'investigate variances in school dues' across the country.  

Mrs Museveni said this during a meeting with secondary school headteachers, principals of business technical and education training institutes and heads of primary teacher colleges. The meeting was held at the closure of the national school selection and placement exercise held at the Uganda Manufacturers Association conference hall last week. The exercise began on Thursday, February 13. 

According to Mrs Museveni, the trip will help the education ministry understand why schools ask learners to pay hefty amounts of money to acquire an education. She said that the hefty charges have pushed some learners out of school altogether. 

Similarly, the director of education standards, Dr Kedrace Turyagyenda has reiterated that all schools that want to increase school fees need to write to the ministry first for permission. 

According to Turyagenda, an investigation which was carried out by the ministry in 2018 to establish the cost of quality education in the country, indicated that learners in rural areas are prone to dropping out of school when fees are increased. 

This is not the first time the ministry has issued a similar warning. The same is issued at the beginning of every school term, yet schools continue to defy the government and hike their fees. Permanent secretary Alex Kakooza said some schools have complied and only hiked fees after consideration by the ministry of Education. 

According to Kakooza, schools that want to increase fees are supposed to write to the ministry to request permission and inform the ministry why the increase is needed. Once they are given the go-ahead, then they can increase. 

"Some schools have applied and we have permitted them. Those are the only schools that we acknowledge are allowed to increase their school fees. However, they are not supposed to increase it to an amount higher than what they requested for," Kakooza said.


+4 #1 Kelly 2020-02-17 20:30
These leeches must all die slow and painful deaths. Observer, change the head line to "Mrs M7 wants some funds to balance Coronavirus and Locust emergency funds".

I mean other than a hefty daily budget, colossus security detail and hangers on, what else is there in this mockery?

Does one need a whole minister to dovetail around looking for what is in the open?
God why don't unleash a serious plague on this evil woman during her so called tour? I mean gathering that info can be done within the precincts of MoE. Or what is the use of DEOs, Inspectors of Schools etc?

Or, why don't you start with Dr Chrysostom Muyingo's Seeta high that charges "Admission" fee of 400,000???? and then disguises the rest of the charges under 3 pages of font 8 circular of requirements!!

Just do a mystery shopping in Kitende, St Lawrence, Uganda Martyrs..etc. Stop increasing taxpayers' burdens madam!!!!
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