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LDC admits 2,800 lawyers to Bar course

Recent LDC graduates

Recent LDC graduates

Breaking with its long-standing tradition, the Admissions Board of Law Development Centre (LDC) has admitted 2,790 lawyers to the Post Graduate Bar Course for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 Academic Years without subjecting them to pre-entry exams.

In the past, LDC used the sobering pre-entry exam hurdle to admit about 700 lawyers to the Bar Course and lock out many others every year.

At its meeting held on August 30, the board considered applicants who completed their Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 2019 and 2018 and previous years. This is the first time LDC is admitting so many lawyers without writing pre-entry examinations following a two-year suspension of the exams by the Law Council effective 2019.

Pre-entry examinations have been conducted under the supervision of the Law Council for the last eight years. Lawyers that had passed pre-entry examinations in previous years but had not joined LDC for the Bar Course; or applied to repeat the entire course or to repeat subject(s) on the Bar Course were also considered for admission.

Out of the 2,790 successful lawyers, 1,114 and 560 lawyers were randomly posted to Kampala and Mbarara campuses, respectively to study under the 2019/2020 Academic year.

In a bid to decongest the Kampala Campus, LDC opened regional study centres starting with Mbarara campus housed inside Eden International School, before extending to Lira and Mbale. Students are expected to collect their admission letters from the office of the Academic Registrar Kampala campus starting 10am.

The board also admitted another 1,116 lawyers to the Bar Course 2020/21 Academic year. The students can pick their letters of offer from the office of the Academic Registrar Kampala campus but their admission letters will be issued in July 2020.


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