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Sultan of Sokoto wants more support to IUIU

The Sultan of Sokoto in Nigeria, Alhajj Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar has pledged to raise more support for the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU). 

Speaking during his first visit to Uganda over the weekend, Alhajj Abubakar said he was pleased with the progress at IUIU and called for more assistance.

“As members of OIC [Organisation of Islamic Conference], we need to come in and support the university,” he said.

The Supreme Mufti Sheikh Silman Kasule Ndirangwa (R) greets the Sultan at IUIU Kampala campus in Kibuli

“We should not leave this work to the OIC and Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF), but come in and support by linking the university to other universities in the world.”

The Sultan of Sokoto was a special guest at IUIU’s graduation ceremonies over the weekend, at which 2,331 students received various degrees and diplomas, at the main campus in Mbale.

The caliphate supports over 400 students at IUIU, who are pursuing both postgraduate and undergraduate studies.

A day before the graduation ceremonies, IUIU officials held a special dinner in the Sultan’s honour at Speke Resort Munyonyo where he made the pledge for more support to the university.

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