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Buikwe authorities close school over strike

Buikwe district authorities last week closed Shiloh High School in Wakisi division, following a students’ strike on September 25, 2017.

The demonstration followed the suspension of a senior four student, suspected to have been keeping a mobile phone, contrary to school regulations.

However, the students cited other frustrations. One of them Frank Kanusu, also a senior four student, said they were fed up with their teachers subjecting them to corporal punishment.

“We are fed up with the system in our school because whenever a student makes a mistake, the teachers tell us to collect eight wheelbarrows of bricks or even get suspended indefinitely,” Kanusu said.

“We write complaints in the suggestion box but nothing has been done to save the situation.”

Another student, who preferred anonymity, said the tuition fees are hiked every term and the bursar harasses parents who do not pay on time.

“Our school keeps on increasing tuition fees every term and instead of the bursar informing parents on time, he [bursar] goes ahead to undermine them[parents] in the presence of other school administrators,” she said.

However, the school’s acting head teacher, Joshua Masembe, declined to comment on the matter, arguing that it was all under investigation.

The Buikwe district inspector of schools, George William Nsumba, condemned the strike and asked the school management committee to find a middle ground between the teachers’ interests and those of the students.

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