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Jinja district threatens closure of 87 schools over licenses

Following a directive by the education ministry, district leaders have up to the end of the month to close all unlicensed schools in the country.

Jinja district education officer David Nabeta last week announced that they had developed a list of 87 learning centres that are yet to fulfill the basic requirements.

He told The Observer that he had written to these schools requesting them to fulfill minimum standards like fire extinguishers, libraries, and well-furnished classrooms.

He added that only 11 had complied.

“We have informed them that schools failing to meet minimum standards of acquiring licenses by 31st January, 2017, are deemed as candidates of closure,” Nabeta said with finality.

“These unlicensed schools were given two months to have minimum standards and acquire licenses but all those who fail this target by 31st January shall be closed automatically.” Nabeta urged parents to take their children to licensed schools to avoid any inconvenience.

“I have urged parents to make good consultations concerning the license status of the schools they hope to take their children to avoid disturbances [when authorities intervene],” Nabeta added.

In relation to Nabeta’s statement, the regional police commander of Kiira region, Godfrey Maate, confirmed that he was prepared to enforce a directive on closure of unlicensed schools.

“We shall enforce all directives by the education department [including] the closure of unlicensed schools in Jinja district so as to maintain law and order,” Maate said. “Parents should start withdrawing their children from unlicensed to well-established schools with all the minimum requirements of learning.”


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