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Makerere’s Ran launches MKITs

NTV's Maurice Mugisha (R) hands over a laptop to Kyambogo's Derrick Wamutibu

As a way of documenting innovations and enhancing knowledge sharing, the ResilientAfrica Network (Ran), last week launched the Micro/modular/mobile knowledge teachings (MKITs).

Ran is a development lab housed at Makerere’s school of Public Health. According to Harriet Adong, Ran’s publicist, MKITs will help engage communities to provide ideas and turn available knowledge into more appealing formats such as slides, photos and short videos, which can also be combined into a course.

“MKITs will also contribute to the acquisition of intellectual rights because the work will be documented,” she added.

The project, which was open to the public, saw the first photo and video challenges aimed at encouraging effective multimedia storytelling and exhibition of innovations.

Kyambogo University’s  first year ICT student Derrick Wamutibi won the video category ahead of Alex Lumu’s (Makerere) ICT and disaster management project (Global eye) and Kisakye Jingo’s (Makerere) TB project (Macotuba).

Wamutibi, who also works with Mbale-based MTW ministries, a Christian filming group, won a laptop for his project. The brains behind the project that highlights the relationship between the misuse of mosquito nets and the spread of malaria also earned an internship with Ran to work out solutions on the misuse of insecticide-treated nets. 

Denis Sesanga’s (Public Health Ambassadors) condom project won the photo challenge ahead of Francis Matovu’s (Makerere) water project and Boaz Kukundakwe’s garbage management scheme. Other participating institutions included: Kisubi Brothers, US-based Massechussets Institute of Technology, and Artfield Institute of Design in Kampala.

The judges, Allan Tugume of Events Guru and Joseph Sematimba of Makerere’s department of visual communication, tipped participants on multimedia storytelling. The challenge will be an annual event.


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