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Airtel rebrands from 'Smartphone Network' to ‘Reason to Imagine'

Telecom company Airtel Uganda has rebranded its strapline from ‘The Smartphone Network” to ‘Reason to Imagine” with a focus on building a deeper emotional connection with Africa’s youth.

The new campaign is driven by the insight that in Africa, imagination is the only qualification that matters and showcases Airtel Africa’s role in harnessing this potential by delivering relevant solutions to consumers that enhance digital and financial inclusion. The campaign also seeks to celebrate the energy, creativity, and innovation of Africa’s young people.

While unveiling this, Airtel Uganda marketing manager Henry Njoroge said that the new campaign is a refreshed purpose because technology is changing and it is no longer just about smartphones with today’s youths needing more innovative solutions to achieve their dreams.

“Before we have been known as the smartphone network but we are changing that and going bigger because we are purposeful and our purpose is to empower every single Ugandan. The biggest percentage of Uganda’s population is comprised of the youths and these are a captive audience for us to connect with, and right now they are very much adapting technology and coming up with different ways to reshape their future. We have been able to put out products which make our customers not to worry how they are going to achieve their imaginations,” he said.

According to Airtel Uganda’s managing director, Manoj Murali, about 53 per cent of Uganda’s population is under the age of 30 and empowering this new generation is transformative for the future of this country and the region and therefore through this new campaign, they are providing the connectivity young people need to turn every situation into an opportunity.

“The youth today have their imagination profoundly displayed in the enterprising work they are doing in the growing creative industries of ICT, arts, sports, and agriculture. The youthful customers now need more than functional products and services; they need a long-term supportive partner. We shall be approaching our solutions, development partnerships and investments with the imagination and energy of the youths. We shall be directing our technical and financial resources to serving contemporary challenges through the imaginative minds of the youths,” he said.

The ‘Reason to Imagine’ brand campaign is going to comprise a series of television commercials and a combination of market-specific print, online, outdoor, and mobile creative executions. 


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