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Company launches boda boda tracking service

The boda boda industry continues to attract a number of companies.

To the list of companies such as Uber, Tugende, Safe Boda, now add Realtime Tracking Limited. Unlike the other boda boda companies, Realtime Tracking focuses on tracking the boda boda – a critical service where incidents of injury, theft, and crime are high.

In a press statement, Realtime Tracking says the boda boda industry is not just about riders making a living, but a form of infrastructure that many people use to move from one point to another.

“RTT was birthed out of the philosophy that the things you value the most, must be protected. Your vehicle or boda boda isn’t just an asset; it is the bridge that takes you from one stage in life to another. Your loved one deserves the most protection you can give them each day they leave the house,” Allan Tayebwa, the managing director of Realtime Tracking Uganda, is quoted in the statement.

The company said the launch of its service comes at a time when Uganda is experiencing an increase in vehicle theft, with an average of five cars stolen every day, as reported by the Flying Squad (Uganda Police) – causing financial losses in the hundreds of millions for the victims.

It is not clear how many boda bodas are estimated in the country, a figure that would help define the size of the market Realtime Tracking is targeting. However, the Kampala Capital City Authority is undertaking a census to find out the number within the capital.

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