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Budding entrepreneur urges coffee industry to adapt to new technologies

Timothy Karubanga at the farm

Timothy Karubanga at the farm

Timothy Musasizi Karubanga is an investor with a vision to integrate blockchain technology into the coffee trade.

Popularly known in business circles as MK Timothy, he is a tech guru who has started more than 10 startups. It is on this background that he believes the incorporation of new blockchain applications into the coffee supply chain can be a game changer.

He's hopeful that through his Tim Tech Consults, he can ease the hassles involved in the coffee trade by providing real-time information on transactions between different traders. Born into a coffee-farming family to Caleb and Jolly Karubanga, Karubanga is eyeing following in their footsteps.

In 2017, Karubanga expanded his business ventures to include a coffee plantation in Masaka, amongst various other entrepreneurial activities. Now that he has become accomplished in the tech world, he is encouraging creative solutions that will transform his family’s trade.

“I know that the story of the blockchain revolution has only just begun and I can’t wait to see the impact it will have on families such as mine. At Kwangalana, we would be proud to support any innovative ideas that apply emerging technologies to the coffee industry,” commented Karubanga, referring to Kwangalana Venture Capital, the angel investment group where he serves as managing partner.

Early this year, Swiss agtech scaleup, Farmer Connect made headlines with a product that leveraged the IBM Blockchain to trace coffee beans to their source and connected consumers with individual farmers.

Karubanga believes technology can be used to help ensure that coffee farmers are given fair payments for their crops and also provides the option for customers to send tips to the individual farmers. It also provides unparalleled transparency for farmers to see where their beans end up, thereby empowering them to make well-informed decisions for their business.

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