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Kuzimba offers platform to buy construction materials online

Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi

Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi

From bricks and cement to painting, plumbing and décor services, anyone undertaking a construction project can now access them under one roof, just with the click of a button, thanks to Kuzimba Services.

Established in April 2020, Kuzimba Services, the online web application, aids estate, site or home building by providing fast engineering solutions and making purchases of building materials easy.

According to Kuzimba Services business store manager, Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi, people no longer have to physically move looking for the materials as they can now be accessed online and delivered at their construction site.

Additionally, the firm also provides access to building experts, carpenters, architects, interior designers, cleaners and engineers and travel insurance, among others.

Namugenyi says that once one visits the business website; www.kuzimbaservices.com, they create an account by inputting all their details before they can proceed to make the different purchases for the needed building materials.

“When one gets online and they register; Kuzimba gets a message that someone has initiated a purchase of a certain material. When we get the email, we send them an RFQ and a work plan, depending on the material they have requested for.

“They then sign on the document and send it back and we make the necessary arrangements for the clients to receive their order. At Kuzimba Services, we give you reliable service delivery in the fastest time possible as long as you sign up and keep an account with us,” she explains.

Kuzimba Services participated in the Women in FinTech hackathon in September 2020, which Namugenyi says created for them visibility and addition to exposing them to latest financial technology trends and new technologies.

The participation in the Hackathon saw them develop a cash management system, a fundamental requirement for any online business, which has enabled them operate efficiently.

40-Days 40-FinTechs

Kuzimba Services is also participating in the ongoing second edition of the 40-Days 40-FinTechs initiative, organised by HiPipo in partnership with Crosslake Technologies, ModusBox and Mojaloop Foundation, and sponsored by the Gates Foundation.

Namugenyi alludes that the platform is an opportunity for Kuzimba to be marketed and to grow to another level.

HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya also alludes that the 40-Days 40-FinTechs initiative seeks to boost the African fintech ecosystem to enable innovators enjoy sustainable profitability to help them design and deploy affordable and inclusive financial services for the poor.

Kawooya adds that fintechs are the launch pad on which the promise of full global financial inclusion will be fulfilled. He also notes that fintech in Africa offers attractive opportunities as investors are rightfully picking interest in the various startups that are offering a plethora of services.

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