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Viral picture: Nile Breweries donates Shs 3m to Bakonjo guides

Anthony Natif recreates his Mt. Rwenzori picture moment

Anthony Natif recreates his Mt. Rwenzori picture moment

Nile Breweries Ltd, the makers of Nile Special, Uganda’s leading beer has donated Shs 3 million to buy equipment for the Bakonjo mountain guides.

The Shs 3 million cheque was handed over through Mountain Slayers Uganda (MSU), a hiking club that formed in 2015 to promote hiking and outdoor lifestyle among Ugandans. On September 5, 2020, a group of 13 men and 13 women under MSU travelled to Kasese, the home district of Mount Rwenzori, located on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

At the highest peak of Rwenzori (5,109 meters), Anthony Natif took a photo with the Nile Special bottle that he shared on social media. The picture went viral, and in recognition for the feat, Nile Breweries got in touch with Natif, who unselfishly requested that equipment be bought for Bakonjo guides in Kasese.

“At MSU, we are all about enjoying and showcasing the beauty that Uganda has to offer. And it does have a lot of gems! To that end, we aren’t shy about showing off brands we consider true representations of the Ugandan experience. Nile Special is a quintessential Ugandan brand, loved and enjoyed by millions. It also happens to be the most popular beer in the club. We take pride in it. ” Natif said.

Adding: ”When Mountain Slayers Uganda organized a Rwenzori expedition, it was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase Nile Special against the backdrop of the highest peak of the most beautiful mountain not only in Uganda but in Africa. We were careful to ensure the bottle was nicely wrapped and tucked deep inside my daypack so it wouldn’t easily break or the contents freeze throughout the 5 days of climbing that it took to get to Margherita. It worked and we were thrilled to share that picture with the world!”

Nile Breweries Ltd Country Marketing Lead, Amou Majok (R) hands over the dummy cheque to MSU members

Nile Breweries Ltd Country Marketing Lead, Amou Majok said they were humbled to see the Nile Special bottle at the peak of Mt. Rwenzori. Paul Lumala, the president Mountain Slayers Uganda (MSU) said, “Mountain climbing is a once in a lifetime experience; you forge lasting bonds amongst each other, being in the wild and having only each other to rely on for safety. With the activities performed we hope to inspire a whole generation to embrace the wild as their first choice of fun weekends and getaways.”


0 #1 WADADA rogers 2020-09-27 20:32
For such a big entity donating peanuts, this is not news, only 3M is pocket change
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