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Cristal Advocates partners French law firm

One of the prominent law firms in Kampala. Cristal Advocates, has announced a cooperation with Paris-based TP qube to deliver a full range of transfer pricing services to clients in Uganda.

The cooperation aims to position Cristal Advocates as a go-to law firm for companies that seek to understand how to structure their businesses in more than one country, especially now that the Uganda Revenue Authority has taken keen interest in this matter.

“Transfer pricing is a critical area of taxation for complex businesses, particularly those that are present in more than one jurisdiction. The Uganda Revenue Authority (“URA”) has established a specialist team to carry out transfer pricing audits,” Cristal Advocates announced in a statement.

Managing Partner Denis Kakembo said: “Cristal Advocates has a team of highly experienced international tax experts with extensive experience of cross-border planning and tax dispute management. We are excited to work with TP qube who complement this with deep expertise in benchmarking and preparation of transfer pricing studies. Our joint offering provides the full range of transfer pricing services to clients operating in Uganda including developing appropriate transfer pricing policies, preparing transfer pricing documentation and managing transfer pricing audits.”

Thibaut Roques of TP qube, in a statement, said: “We look forward to working with Cristal Advocates. TP qube is a company dedicated to building simple, robust and automated transfer pricing tools, at reduced costs. TP qube comprises transfer pricing economists and digital entrepreneurs with extensive experience in transfer pricing consulting for multinationals and in the development of statistical solutions, including in the emerging economies of Africa. Our technology helps diminish the costs of transfer pricing benchmarks, while improving the quality of the economic analyses at the heart of your transfer pricing policy.”


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