NSSF launches online benefits claim

NSSF head of marketing and communications, Barbra Teddy Arim

NSSF head of marketing and communications, Barbra Teddy Arim

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has added a “benefits claim and withdraw” slot onto their online digital platform, the NSSF Go Mobile and Web application.

This will enable members who qualify to withdraw their savings, submit and track their claims online using computers and mobile phones.

While launching the innovation, NSSF’s head of marketing and communications, Barbra Teddy Arimi said the new online benefits submission claim is going to see beneficiaries receive their money within eight days from the time of claim submission. She said they are striving to cut this down to just one day by 2025.   

“This innovation also takes us closer to our benefits payment turnaround time target, which is paying qualifying members within 24 hours from the current 8 days. It is available to all members who qualify for the age, withdrawal, invalidity, survivors, emigration grant and exempted employment benefits as stated in Section 19 of the NSSF Act 1985,” Arimi said.

In addition, the innovation is expected to reduce congestion in the Funds’ 19 branches countrywide especially as it observes government’s COVID-19 standard operating procedures that include social distancing. Currently, the Fund receives close to 600 clients daily across its branch networks countrywide.

Arimi added that the introduction of the online benefits submission is a result of the Fund’s 'e-journey' that started in 2015.

“As part of our 10-year (2015-2025) strategic plan, we pledged to continue innovating, become more relevant to our members as well as excel in business processes to be more efficient. It is a journey that we are still committed to. The NSSF GO App is our pathway to unlimited service efficiency and convenience,” she added.

To access the platform, one needs to download the NSSF GO Mobile and Web application from Google Play Store, scroll to ‘Benefits Application” and enter required information and documents. Upon submission, a beneficiary is able to track the benefits claim until the payment is made through either mobile money or bank account. However, a bank is preferred since mobile money platforms have transaction limits.  

Members who do not own smartphones have not been left outside as they can also claim for their benefits via the NSSF USSD code through dialling *254# on their mobile phones. This option, however, is limited to only those claiming for age benefits and exempted employment.

In the financial year 2019/2020, the Fund paid over Shs 486.4 billion translating to Shs 40.5 billion per month to over 30,000 beneficiaries.


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