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'Saving with MTN MoMo is safe, convenient'

In a yet another campaign, MTN Uganda is sensitising and encouraging customers to keep and save money on their mobile phones using MTN MoMo (mobile money).

Saving on MTN MoMo comes with associated benefits such as the convenience of paying for products and services like airtime, voice and data bundles, Yaka electricity units, national water bills, school fees, shopping and much more.

Under the theme, “Keep some Money on MTN MoMo, It saves”, MTN says saving with MTN MoMo is not only convenient, safe for customers but could come to their rescue in emergency situations especially during the current COVID-19 and curfew times.

Although most Ugandans already know MTN MoMo and how it works, some continue to only use it for sending and receiving money. Although it is inconveniencing, some customers would rather walk to the shop to buy airtime, bundles or MBs, and even to pay for their utility bills, yet they can conveniently use MTN MoMo from wherever they are. 

“This new campaign is about encouraging our customers to keep some MTN MoMo on their phones because it saves,” said Stephen Mutana, the general manager, mobile financial services at MTN Uganda.

“You don’t have to deposit all your money, keep some on MTN MoMo to use it when you need it most. For example, if you have Shs 5,000, you can deposit Shs 2,000 on your MTN MoMo account. This Shs 2,000 will come in handy when you need to buy airtime or data bundles at night when the shop is closed or if your power goes off at night and you need to buy Yaka units," Mutana advised.

MTN MoMo can do everything and even more than physical cash. With MTN MoMo, customers can buy airtime, voice and data bundles, and can also conveniently pay for shopping at the supermarket, pay for fuel, and much more conveniently using their phone, anytime, anywhere.

Even for school fees, MTN MoMo customers no longer need to queue up at the bank for hours. Customers can deposit as low as Shs 500 on their MTN MoMo account and dial *165# or use the MyMTN app for safe, reliable and convenient transactions.

Relatedly, Mutana also cautioned MTN MoMo customers against sharing their PINs. “Keep your MTN MoMo PIN safe. Don’t share it with anyone. Nobody can access money on your phone unless you give them your PIN number which only you should know”, he concluded.

MTN MoMo is safe, reliable and convenient. 

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