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Qatar Airways crew to wear full PPE

Qatar Airways crew dressed in PPE

Qatar Airways crew dressed in PPE

Qatar Airways crew will now wear full protective suits on flights in an effort to “reassure” passengers of their safety against the novel coronavirus, the airline announced Monday.

Cabin crew had already been wearing masks and gloves, the airline said.

“Cabin crew will wear the PPE suit over their uniforms in addition to safety goggles, gloves and a mask to provide even greater reassurance to customers in addition to enhanced hygienic measures already in place,” Qatar Airways wrote in a press release.

“The airline now requires passengers from Monday, May 25, to wear face coverings inflight and recommends people bring their own for fit and comfort purposes,” it added.

Qatar Airways has been one of the few major airlines in the world with regular, scheduled flights as most countries imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Major airlines are requiring passengers to wear face masks during flights to protect passengers and crew members against the coronavirus. Some are blocking middle seats to create spacing between passengers, as well as suspending snacks and beverage services to limit interaction.


0 #1 kabayekka 2020-05-22 22:55
One reckons checking the passengers and crew first if they are infected would indeed help the situation.

Such sick passengers on the plane can then be isolated on their trip. This would help the receiving countries of these passengers to do what they have got to do.

It is unfair indeed to turn these passenger airlines into COVID19 air ambulances when they are not at all!

Humans have got to travel despite all the dangers of flying 5 miles up in the sky. It is unfortunate that these airlines are in panic unnecessarily all over this world! Passengers have been slaughtered en mass by aviation accidents since planes started flying passengers.
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0 #2 Mutebi 2020-05-23 05:37
The days of enjoying seeing the beauty, radiancy, and smile of a female flight attendant will be over if this policy is put into effect.

Can you imagine seating in a plane for 12 hours and all you see are suited up flight attendants!!

I know airlines are trying to put safety first, but what about the psychological effect?
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