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Private Sector Foundation Uganda supports silk farmers

Farmers of silk are to receive some technical training after the Private Sector Foundation Uganda launched an experimental station where some skills will be taught.

The purpose of the training will be to boost the productivity of silk in the country and thereby, grow their revenues. According to a statement from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Gideon Badagawa, the executive director, said the training is under the Skills Development Facility (SDF) - a government of Uganda project funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda.

The experimental training station is based at Ankole Western University campus in western Uganda and is spearheaded by the university staff.

The statement noted that “Private Sector Foundation Uganda under its Skill Development Facility (SDF) has given a grant of Shs 764 million to Ankole Western University to strengthen research in bivoltine sericulture and silk industry development in western Uganda.”

Mr Gideon Badagawa said Ankole Western University (AWU) is a prefectural sericulture experimental station whose mandate in the bivoltine sericulture and silk industry development is to conduct research and development activities for bivoltine sericulture and silk industry.

Dr Edith Kakuba, the deputy head of SDF Uganda, said they intend to see more of the crop and the development of practical techniques, among other things.


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