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StanChart launches all-round banking App

ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze tries out the new app

ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze tries out the new app

Standard Chartered has launched a digital banking solution, the Standard Chartered App where customers can access up to over 70 self-service banking requests.

With the platform, customers can, within 15 minutes, open a free online Standard Chartered digital life account.

“We are pleased to launch our second digital bank initiative here in Uganda. This is a key milestone on our digital journey as a Bank and underlines our commitment to continue steadily investing in modern technology, build systems and upskill our people whilst tapping into our global expertise to make digitization a reality in Uganda." said Albert Saltson, the CEO, StanChart. 

“Digitalization to us means disruption from traditional and conventional ways of banking to transforming banking business with the sole objective of improving customer experience. It is imperative that we respond to the changing customer needs by providing solutions that address their evolving needs. Clients today are looking for products and partners who will offer solutions that are accessible, convenient, cost effective and most importantly forward looking." he added.

Governor Bank of Uganda, Prof Emmanuel Mutebile urged the other banks to embrace modern technology in their operations if they do not want to be left behind in the banking sector.

“There will continue to be disruption in the banking sector. Institutions that fail to keep up might lose out and at the very worst be pushed out of business in the long run, however, this disruption to bank business models works in the interest of customers and the general populace.” Mutebile said.

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for ICT & National Guidance pledged support from the ministry towards the drive to shift the mind-set of the citizens and different sectors to embrace digitization. He encouraged financial service providers to embrace digitization in order to remain relevant in the coming decades.

“Today, we have witnessed the launch an all-encompassing Standard Chartered Mobile App that will give its clients access to all banking services at their convenience and with significant efficiencies! This is a first in the Ugandan market and a welcome development. I applaud the Bank for its innovativeness”. Tumwebaze said. 



0 #1 Mubiru 2019-02-05 17:14
Much as we want to be praised as one of the "progressing" countries in Africa, we must be realistic and just not ape well developed nations for the sake of seeking cheap publicity.

While the Tumwebazes of Uganda can have such facilities free at the expense of suffering Ugandans, they must be sensible that almost 80% of us are computer illiterate.

WE may have money for banking but due to our situations computer banking is out of reach.

Even where a few might have the machines, the daily black outs of electricity contribute to the inconvenience of the service.

Think twice about the ordinary Ugandans before you get excited about these services which are extremely useful in countries where the poor have free access to computers and electricity black outs are unknown.

You must also be aware the so called computer experts, have misused their knowledge to defraud the innocent public of their funds and its a real battle to get your money back from banks.
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