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Barclays launches account with hospital cash cover

Barclays bank's Gunilla Ouko speaks to the media at the launch of Access Plus account

Barclays bank's Gunilla Ouko speaks to the media at the launch of Access Plus account

Barclays bank Uganda has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Ebitaala Bintade’ to promote the new Access Plus Account aimed at driving financial inclusion.

The account encourages and educates unbanked Ugandans on the benefits and importance of having a bank account, especially one as pivotal as the Access Plus account.

The account comes with a number of benefits such as hospital cash cover of up to Shs 900,000 with a maximum of Shs 30,000 per day. It also includes cashback on every Shs 50,000 purchase and zero account opening fees.

Speaking during the launch of the account at Wandegeya market, Kumaran Pather, the bank’s retail director, said Barclays is committed to invest in annotative services and products as part of its firm quest to continuously tap into the unbanked population.

“As a bank, it is our obligation to always listen to what the market is saying and adjust accordingly, and this is what guides our innovations. We are in the business of offering our customers the best financial solutions,” he said. “We believe that your bank shouldn’t simply be a place where you keep money, but rather a partner that thinks about your day-to-day needs and that’s why the Access Plus account is great for everyone…it’s more than an account; it takes care of your needs too.”

The account also comes with an active visa debit and credit card without any account opening fees required. All one needs to open an account is a passport photo and a valid ID.

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