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Airtel launches 4G smartphone

Singer King Saha (L) at the launch of the 4G smartphone

Singer King Saha (L) at the launch of the 4G smartphone

Airtel Uganda has launched an affordable 4G smartphone in Uganda that the company says will be compatible with their 4G technology.

The new phone will cost only Shs 200,000 and it comes with free 15GB of data worth Shs 90,000 valid for 90 days. This means that subscribers will enjoy 5GB per month for the next three months after buying the phone.

Amit Kapur, Airtel Uganda’s chief commercial officer, commenting about the new phone, said there are many opportunities that an affordable smartphone will bring to subscribers in a country where a small number of people are connected to the internet.

“As a brand with a promise to improve lives, we believe that with an affordable smartphone we shall improve Ugandans’ lives through education, e-commerce, financial inclusion and the full offerings of Airtel Uganda’s reliable network,” he added.

“Airtel has the largest 4G network in Uganda with high speeds and most importantly at affordable rates. My first 4G smartphone offers a complete package to include a 4G phone, data, quality network and Sim card to the convenience of the user,” he said.

The offer comes a few days after MTN Uganda also rolled out a cheap smartphone offer, during the just-concluded MTN 20th anniversary expo.


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