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Secure the country first in order to attract investment

Last week, Matia Kasaija, the minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, presented the budget for the next financial year to parliament. There were proposals to increase taxes here and there, including one on ‘gossiping’ through social media.

Apparently, it is okay to walk or drive to somebody’s house to gossip than doing it lazily over the phone!

Anyway, I expect a few proposals to attract investment in certain areas by giving tax holidays to some sectors. It is a very welcome idea which I have previously supported.

However, if the government doesn’t nip in the bud the growing insecurity, the economy will continue to perform badly. Genuine businesses hardly thrive in a country where kidnaps and murders are rampant.

It started mainly with Muslim clerics with one being killed every few months. A lot of people thought these were just Muslim wrangles and kept away; after all they were not Muslims and were, therefore, not being targeted.

Then they started killing women without public profiles, especially in the Entebbe and Wakiso areas. We kept quiet because we were told those were prostitutes.

Since we were not prostitutes or pimps, we turned a deaf ear. In Masaka, killers would actually issue a warning letter and come on the indicated day and create unbelievable mayhem. We didn’t live in Masaka nor had any relatives there; so, it was okay.

Before we knew it, armed men staged daring missions in the middle of Kampala in broad daylight killing a high-profile prosecutor, then an army major and, later, an assistant inspector general of police.

When they killed a woman after her parents had paid a hefty ransom, we simply said; ‘well, it must have been a family wrangle and since we don’t have that kind of money, they will never come to us.’

But the stories I hear about kidnaps nowadays aren’t really about people with huge bank balances. Anybody seems to be a target. The latest killing is that of a comical and flamboyant member of parliament. When news of his killing first filtered in, everybody wondered why anybody would target Uganda’s version of Iraq’s Comical Ali.

In fact, in the war that removed Saddam Hussein from power, nobody ever targeted Ali. He was considered a clown. But that is what it is; you don’t have to have much to be targeted by masked men on boda bodas or those willing to extract as little as Shs 500,000 from your relatives.

Some reports indicate that the killers of the MP over the weekend had even the time to collect evidence in form of bullet cartridges from the crime scene before jumping on their boda bodas and disappearing.

That is how confident they have grown over time. Those who killed the former assistant inspector general of police seem to have had time as well to do whatever they wanted.

There was tension when the body of the slain MP arrived in Arua, leading to the destruction of property. In these circumstances, nobody can be sure they will return home alive. Parents are not sure they will arrive back home and find their children.

And if it is not gunmen, it is jobless youth targeting your phone that is worth less than Shs 300,000 who will be waiting for you at the gate.

In the circumstances that prevail in the country today, very few people want to invest. When people are scared and not sure what will happen to them or their relatives the next day, they cannot think long-term.

They will just do what they can to survive. There might even be people thinking exile already. Such people rather keep their money in the bank or take it somewhere they feel is safe. So, if we want to grow our economy, we need to think of securing this country so that nobody loses their lives to ‘idiots and pigs.’

Before any serious investor comes over, they want to check on how secure their families and properties will be. They don’t want to lose money. They want an environment that is safe for their children and relatives. If they aren’t secure, they go somewhere else.

In the seventies and eighties, many Ugandans left the country and set up businesses elsewhere or simply offered their expertise abroad. Some have never come back. The countries that adopted them went on to achieve more from their industriousness.

The same applies to tourism, which is one of the country’s biggest foreign exchange earners. If they see anything on the news that scares them, they stay away. When they read of people being kidnaped, high-profile people being showered with bullets, they seek alternatives.

So, as we prepare for the new financial year, the government’s work is properly cut out. Protect the lives and properties of Ugandans if you want to grow the economy or face the consequences of an increasingly unemployed youthful population.


The writer is a communication and visibility consultant.


+1 #1 Ugthinker 2018-06-18 11:43
There has always been that indifference in Ugandans, I don’t know why!

When street children started to emerge, had we as a society cared enough, we would have contained the problem!

Many thought only a certain class would be affected, until they grew into katayimbwa and all other hardcore criminals, and yes, it was too late! When ordinary schools faced neglect and quality was declining, those who could afford better never took notice, today all schools in Uganda are affected!

The list is endless, one wonders where as a society where we derive this false sense of security to think that we won’t be affected yet we share he same environment!
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+1 #2 juwait kali 2018-06-18 20:37
So, why is there no common opposition leadership, accepted by Ugandans, to lead them in pushing the bus to reach destination safely?

If Museveni drops dead NOW, what will Ugandans do?

How do Ugandans expect to have a tomorrow without the leadership they need with a people who work together for common causes?

Why are Ugandans just going on pretending the country is well governed, museveni hasn't been there for +32 years & all they need is go along with him & work work & things will be wonderful?

More taxes are imposed while Ugandans are not served with the money, yet all we read is them calling one another to work work... to bring more tax for Museveni to just go on in peace!

Even Dr Besigye in UK did not called Ugandans to UNITY against Museveni with just 1 opposition leader!

Why would the dictator serve a people he holds by the balls & at his mercy?
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0 #3 Akot 2018-06-26 20:07
Ugthinker, thanks!

All comes back to good governance, with the people making sure they are served & the country develops... for the good of ALL!

As Museveni just goes on depriving Ugandans with basic essentials, insecurity will rise & the few rich will have to build iron barriers to protect their homes & confine themselves in!

Ugandans MUST accept just 1 of their own to lead them to second Independence: Museveni, in almost complete control is going no where & things will only get worse for Ugandans!
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