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Kenyan logistics firm launches in Uganda

Kenyan logistics firm, Express Shipping and Logistics Company (ESL) has launched branch offices in Kampala to tap into Uganda’s oil and gas sector.

As Uganda draws closer to the country’s first oil flow around 2020, Express Shipping says their entry into the country was one of their strategic objectives to draw closer customers and increase the foot print to the great lakes region.

Silvester Katuta, the managing director of ESL explained that although Uganda’s oil and gas sector is still in infancy, there is need to ease and quicken logistics management, handling crucial tasks so that their customer’s focus on what they do best.

“Ship owners, charterers, customers and carrier partners enjoy an exceptional experience grounded in ESL’s mission to deliver distinctive service that powers our customers to be market leaders in their respective markets,” he said.

Katuta added; “Our coming to Uganda and being in the rest of East Africa is timely because we have companies and individuals who will need heavy logistical equipment and we believe some will pass through the Kenyan coast so we will provide these services from Mombasa through Kampala to the Albertine region.”

ESL specializes in warehousing, intermodal services, road transport, dangerous goods management, customs clearing and forwarding, air and ocean freights, ships agency and ships brokerage.


-1 #1 Akot 2018-02-02 18:07
Kenya & Uganda should have developed a long long time ago, with railway line constructed a while ago!

When Kenyans should be working together to concretise things after election, Odinga is blocking the country, even when he will be too old to run next election!

It's time Kenyans who want a real start for the country... come out to demonstrate support to their government so that all start working for the future of the young & no for the future of Odinga as it is!

Are Odinga's children in poverty waiting for help?

We are waiting for the huge crowd that MUST come out to give chance to every Kenya child & let them know they have a future & in a better country!

The fight is for ALL Kenya children/young & not to give Odinga a future!

When Kenya is at stand still, Tanzania-Uganda-DRCongo-S.Sudan-Rwanda-Burundi...c an't function!
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0 #2 Akot 2018-02-03 16:04
So, Akot should just keep quiet & let Odinga go ahead destroying Kenya?

Even if Kenyatta stands down now, it won't be Odinga taking his place!

Those who know the composition of Kenay, including my Luo cousins living/working in Kenay, know Odinga will NEVER win any presiential election!

Odinga has no love of Kenya & uses the poor-ill educated who want better life, yet this better live can only come if ALL Kenyans get to work & let the next election be more comfortable in a better country, especially for the poor-illiterates-less educated...!

In what way is Odinga helping any poor, if not making it worse for them?

Is Odinga & family poor waiting for government to start functioning & help them?

How is blocking U.Kenyatta's government form kicking off helping any poor in Kenya, more so Odinga didn't dare rerun?
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0 #3 Akot 2018-02-03 16:14
Yet, as Odinga goes ahead blocking the country-setting it on fire as his right, are Ugandans, the region & the continent enjoying it?

Demon Odinga is not only using poor Kenyans, but us too, to finish off Kenya!

Why are Kenyatta's supporters & those who want the next 5 years to be livable not coming out to show they are tired of unrest & just want to make the country better/ready for next election?

Will Kenyans getting together & accepting result of election be more dangerous to them than letting Odinga make them live in fear-frustration...?

Now is time for Kenyans to decide:

- let Odinga go ahead scaring them-setting fire till next election, or

- come out to support their president so that ALL get to make Kenya a better country, especially for the poor-illiterates...so that they have chance too!
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0 #4 Akot 2018-02-03 16:22
If Ugandans don't care of sufferings of Kenyans & don't come out to help Kenya get peace, then how do Ugandans expect Kenya or any other country to help them?

Yet, if Kenyans had come out to let the world know of who really caused bloodshed in 2007/8, Odinga would not have had another chance to use the poor-ill educated!

Odinga is a huge supporter/admirer of museveni & museveni is only waiting for the chance to have Odinga as ruler of Kenya & they will really celebrate!
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0 #5 Akot 2018-02-03 16:31
Tegla says Kisumu is developed, yet,

My cousines' mother is from Kisumu: when things got so so bad financially even for a person with her high education & experience, she prefered living Nairobi for another African country & didn't even thing of going to Kisumu!

Her children, my cousins live/work in Nairobie & don't even think ot going for holidays in Kisumu!
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