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Greenlight Planet launches low cost solar lamps

Solar lamps making company, Greenlight Planet has announced launch of new products with ‘advanced battery technology' unto the Ugandan market

Greenlight says the new products have longer battery life and are cheaper compared to their previous products.

The new launched solar lamps on display

Launched are Sun King Pico Plus, the Sun King Pro 300, and the Sun King Pro 400, which according to the company have been positioned to set a new standard for solar lantern performance and affordability.

They retail at Shs 29,000, Shs 120,000 and Shs 140,000 for the Pico Plus, Pro 300 and Pro 400 respectively and can light up to 100hrs on 25 lumens with a two year warranty.

According to Emmanuel Kabugo the trade marketing manager, the new battery technology of Lithium-NMC, the drop-proof materials and durability are the unique selling points of the new products and they are responsible for their popularity.  

“Sun King lamps have greatly improved the lives of their customers through providing safe and healthy lighting, increasing study times for kids but most importantly, increased household incomes as these homes spend less on Sun King Solar than on Kerosene,” he said.


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