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Govt launches green growth strategy

Government has launched a new sustainable development strategy that aims at catapulting Uganda into a green economy by 2040.

Dubbed the Green Growth Development Strategy (GGDS), the plan serves as the blue print towards a socially and economically inclusive development pathway for Uganda as the country endeavours to reach a middle-income status.

Speaking at the launch of the strategy at Imperial Royale Hotel recently, first Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali said this plan presents an opportunity to renew government’s political commitment to the principles of sustainable development “enshrined in the constitution, the NRM manifesto, Uganda Vision 2040 and the second National Development Plan (NDP II).”

Green Growth is an inclusive, low emissions economic growth process that emphasizes efficient use of natural, human, and physical capital while ensuring these assets continue to provide for present and future generations.

The strategy focuses on five priority areas: sustainable transport systems; planned urbanisation; sustainable energy with emphasis on greening the energy mix to include solar and wind; natural resource management with focus on green tourism, water resources management and sustainable use of forests and wetlands; and sustainable agriculture with concentration on solar-powered irrigation.

Once implemented, the strategy is expected to boost gross domestic product by 10 per cent beyond current projections and create an additional four million green jobs by 2040. It is also expected to reduce greenhouse emissions by 28 per cent over the same period.

The GGDS was developed by the National Planning Authority (NPA) in partnership with the ministry of Water and Environment and the Global Green Growth Institute. UNDP provided technical assistance for the development of the strategy with financial support from the European Union.

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