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Government invites international firms for ORIO mini hydro plan

Four months after it called for proposals from local consultants to prepare and implement a resettlement action plan for the ORIO Mini hydropower project, the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company is back in the market with the same request but with slightly different terms.  

This time, unlike in June, the UECCC, which is the implementing agency for the nine mini hydropower plants with a combined energy output of 6.7MW, has widened the scope of its search to include international companies.

Government officials and officials from Netherlands exchange Grant Agreements for the ORIO mini hydro power project 

Interested consultants will be subjected to international competitive bidding. Consultants have up to November 20, 2017 to submit their bids. It is not odd for calls for Expression of Interests to be reissued; a contracting agency usually retenders an assignment if it feels it has not received suitable candidates for the job.

Partly funded by the ORIO Infrastructure Development Fund of the Netherlands, Orio represents strong government commitment towards the development of mini grids.

The Orio power project, according to available figures, will cost $38 million euros, with the government covering $25.8 million euros while the Netherlands will cover the rest of the amount.

This amount, for a 6.7MW project, is quite high. Average Ugandan figures place the cost of each megawatt of electricity at about $3 million.

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