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Zuku launches internet services

Satellite television services provider Zuku, under its parent company Wananchi Cable Uganda, has introduced internet services in the country dubbed Zuku Fiber.

The service will be offered through Wananchi Cable’s home entertainment and communication brand, Zuku Fiber. According to a press statement, Zuku Fiber offers a number of packages such as unlimited home internet, digital television and telephony services.

The company will be able to offer one price for all three services.

Speaking during the launch, Thomas Hintze, Wananchi Group chief executive officer, said the “introduction of the fastest internet speed in Uganda, 100 mega bytes per second, is designed to meet and satisfy the need for the consumption of streaming online content such as short videos, movies, real-time gaming and live video chats.”

The 100Mbps, three in one package, will be available in Kampala for the start, spreading throughout the country later. The Zuku Fiber package also offers a bouquet of digital TV services, including popular Ugandan Free-to-Air channels and a large selection of popular TV channels for news, sports, movies, lifestyle, documentaries and entertainment, among others.

Its third feature is a provision for a telephone line for the home which offers free calls on Zuku to Zuku numbers and competitive calling rates.

Zuku Fiber has also introduced a wide range of affordable service packages, including 10Mbps, 20Mbps and the 40Mbps package that are all available in Zuku Fiber’s popular Triple Play package.

By paying their monthly subscription fees, customers will also get free installation, WiFi modems and digital TV set-top boxes, the company announced.

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