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Muloni says Uganda has enough fuel stockpiles

Uganda has a combined total fuel cover of 16 days’ supply as Kenya prepares to go to the polls this week.

Irene Muloni, the minister of Energy and Mineral Development, while reacting to Kiboga East MP, Keefa Kiwanuka, who had earlier demanded to know why fuel prices are on the rise, said there was no need to worry over Kenya slipping into chaos after the elections.

“With the supply situation envisaged to remain steady before elections in Kenya, these stocks will be available to mitigate any supply disruption while availing room for mobilization of other stocks through Tanzania,” Muloni said.

Kenya goes to the polls on August 8 in what is the most hotly contested election, almost evenly splitting incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition kingpin Raila Odinga. Already, there is speculation on social media of a pending fuel shortage.

At least 92 per cent of Uganda’s fuel is imported through the Kenyan port of Mombasa. Muloni also explained that the factors influencing fuel price changes are beyond the control of the government.

“The resultant pump prices are a combination of various factors such as cost of crude oil and redefined products on the international market, transportation as well as the dollar- shilling exchange rate,” reads the statement she delivered in Parliament.

According to Muloni, from July last year to June this year, the price per litre of petrol has only increased by Shs 262, kerosene by Shs 179 while that of diesel increased slightly higher by Shs 407.


0 #1 WADADA rogers 2017-08-07 08:50
Recall when Scoul and Madhivani said there was no problem in supply of sugar from the factory, we were later informed that somebody had bought all the sugar and kept it in his stores making it had for it to reach consumers.

For this reason, there can never be anything like enough in this country, soon, somebody is going to hide the fuel and force prices to go up, all they need to do is to say there is no fuel or they will start rationing, reduce supply and demand will force the prices to sky rocket, this is our country.
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