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Uganda taps Russia for nuclear power

A nuclear power plant

Uganda’s ambition to produce nuclear energy has seen it look up to Russia for help, according to a media statement issued recently.

A statement from P&L Consulting, which is based in Kenya, noted: “The government of Uganda has started talks with the government of the Russian Federation meant to see Uganda take the next steps towards nuclear power development. The co-operation between the two countries will see Uganda gain expertise and technology from Russia.”

The statement noted that President Yoweri Museveni met with officials of the Russian firm, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, which was led by Viktor Polikarpov, its regional vice president of sub-Saharan Africa, in Kampala where they discussed plans for nuclear energy.

While Uganda has always had plans for developing nuclear, the plans have always been cut short, especially in light of the perceived risks this kind of development would come with.

Uganda is thought to possess sizeable deposits of uranium needed to produce nuclear power.

However, the inauguration of the Atomic Energy Council, within the ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, was seen as a strong step in developing nuclear power.

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