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Your mail: Concerted efforts neeeded to advance the HR profession

The Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda (Hrmau) will hold its second Annual HR Reveal awards on December 2 at the Kampala Sheraton hotel.

The awards will recognise and celebrate some of the leading professionals in the people, culture and organisational development sector. Hrmau is a professional membership association for practitioners in human resource management, organisation development and organisation psychology and public institutions with a human resource function.

We are affiliated with the Federation of Uganda Employers and the African Federation of Human Resource Management Associations. As an association of – and for – human resource practitioners and related roles, we are invested in the advancement of the profession and its contribution towards the national quality of labour and investment pool.

This is why we have worked with the Federation of Uganda Employers and the ministry of gender, labour and social development and current scholars and practitioners on the draft Human Resource Management Bill (HR Bill, 2016).

The HR Bill 2016 will, among many functions, establish and monitor the standards of professional competence and practice. When passed, we will be able to have certified members whereby competence and professional conduct can easily be regulated and monitored. This will reduce on malpractice that has tainted the profession – from sexual harassment to nepotism and corruption.

An institute will be established to ensure proper training and development of all HR professionals and it will also handle any disciplinary issues that may arise.

The advancement of the profession requires work and regulation, especially during changing times like this when job adverts are structured to circulate on WhatsApp, institutions outsource their human resource management and interviews are handled on phone or Skype calls.

The HR Bill 2016 is a step in the right direction. It will help streamline the processes, put a cap on any bad practices and also provide a structure within which the profession can grow – through technological advancement, research and strategy.

Hrmau is here to support this because we recognise the importance of HR professionals in the growth of any industry. They work towards the achievement of institutional missions and the professional growth of every individual employee.

We have previously awarded HR professionals for this work. The 2015 awardees contributed in different ways; from transitioning staff to a new software system with minimal business interruptions to the difficult process of downsizing.

This year, we are eager to hear more stories from HR practitioners taking the lead and making a mark on the HR profession across different industries and sectors. 

HR reveal awards team.

What if we use Makerere halls to detain corrupt officials?

Dear President Museveni, I took some time off my weekend to reflect on how best we can manage the Mchezo the NRM government is showcasing a few months after being elected back to office.

The corruption, primitive arrogance and ignorance by some government officials is heartbreaking. If Ugandan prisons are congested and it is the reason you are not imprisoning corrupt officials, put them in the halls of residence at Makerere University which you closed recently.

We can temporarily use these facilities to detain all your corrupt officials for three months as we await the results of the visiting committee you instituted to investigate Makerere. Having been at Makerere, I would recommend that we detain these people to specific halls based on how notorious they are.

At Lumumba hall, we can put officials from the ministry of public service, parliament, ministry of health, Unra, ministry of local government and ministry of internal affairs.

This group surely needs to have some fun with ‘Gongom’. Mitchell hall deserves officials from Makerere University, Mulago hospital, KCCA, and RDCs. These are known for mistreating wananchi and possessing a great level of primitive arrogance. We need to serve them poorly-prepared meals as is the norm at this hall.

Complex hall should be saved for officials from ministries of finance, lands and energy. These are the silent killers of this economy although you need them closer to the gates because we might need them to sign some false documents and award wrong tenders.

The rest can be sent to any other hall. I am sure that within three months, this country will have regained its soul and life.
People will then understand that this is #KisanjaHakunaMchezo.
Nelson B Tumwine III,
Passionate Ugandan.

Police doing well on terrorist alert

I read in the media last week that police arrested a suspected suicide bomber linked to Somali militant group al-Shabab. I applaud the force for being alert. It has been six years since the 2010 terrorist attacks and memories of that fateful night are still fresh in the minds of many Ugandans.

I call upon the public to be alert and inform the police in case they suspect anyone or something. We are approaching the festive season and terrorists can use such periods to inflict pain yet it is meant to be a time for rejoicing.

Terrorist groups such as ISIS have caused havoc around the world this year, notable areas include Paris and Brussels where attacks claimed many innocent lives.

Ugandan troops are in Somalia on a peace-keeping mission, a place where the al-Shabab militant group has its base. So, Uganda remains a very big enemy to this group. Back home, let’s work with the police to keep our country safe from terrorists.

Derrick Otim

DP’s Mao right about Besigye

I listened to a political talk show on November 20, where they hosted Democratic Party president general Norbert Mao to discuss Uganda’s political situation.

When the moderator asked him why most of his party members are ever at Kasangati yet they do not belong to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), he said the members were showing solidarity with Kizza Besigye but they know where they belong.

Mao had a restless evening because when he was asked why his comrade Besigye has a lot of supporters unlike him, Mao boldly said “siri mubyabufuzi byakatemba”, meaning that he is not in comic/drama politics. He continued that if he could also wake up and tell the public that he was going
to walk around town, he would definitely get public attention.

I think Mao’s statements had some truth because sometimes when you watch Besigye’s movements, you can realize that he is in drama and wants to attract public attention.

David Serumaga,

Rethink oil refinery bids

The sudden withdrawal of RT Global as a leading investor in our oil refinery at such a crucial stage is not something the government should ignore as this puts the project between the devil and the deep blue sea. The decisions taken at this point are relevant and culpable in case something goes wrong!

Therefore, all the procedures from now henceforth should be carefully crafted. The government has been riddled with corrupt systems and unscrupulous dealings from the officials.

This will come as an embarrassment to the whole world as the country manifests the redemption to the middle-income status by putting the project in doubt.

It’s important to take necessary steps and/or seek further technical knowledge from oil
industry pundits before taking any step ahead!

Peterson Iglesias,


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