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Government must come clean on Israel refugees

On Wednesday last week, we reported about the Supreme court ruling in Israel that upheld the country’s controversial policy of shipping unwanted African immigrants to Uganda and Rwanda.

However, the same court ordered that those who resist deportation can’t be detained for longer than 60 days.

As they have done every time this long-running story comes up, government officials interviewed denied the existence of an agreement between Uganda and Israel to dump the mostly Eritrean and Sudanese refugees here.

However, their denial has not driven this story away as many indications suggest it has not been made up. Indeed, some journalists, including BBC and Al Jazeera reporters, have reported talking to some of the deportees in Uganda.

Our own Sunday Vision weighed in on September 10 with a lead story suggesting they had interviewed at least two of such individuals dumped in Uganda. So, who is fooling who and why? Why is the government so intent on keeping this under wraps?

If this is indeed fake news, as the government wants Ugandans to believe, why can’t they openly demand that the Israeli government stop making this up and, in the process, damaging Uganda’s international image?

If it’s true, however, which is the most likely scenario, the government needs to own up and account to Ugandans. Who sanctioned such a deal, why, and what is in it for Uganda? Where are these people and what is their legal status in this country?

Uganda has been praised for its friendly policies towards refugees, especially in the face of at least one million arrivals from South Sudan. However, that policy has its limitations, especially given this country’s own resource constraints.

Moreover, taking in refugees running away from conflict in neighbouring countries is different from entering a secret agreement with a foreign power to let in undocumented individuals without a clear legal basis.

The former is legitimate and defensible while the latter is opaque and unacceptable.

If the government can’t come clean, the relevant parliamentary committee should interest itself in this matter. Ugandans deserve to know the truth.


0 #1 Lakwena 2017-09-13 08:39
Editors, going to bush in 1981, was an organized crime. Except blame game, and alibi, an organized criminal regime (government) like ours, can never own up or account to anybody.

In Tanzania e.g., Pres Magufuli Pombe publicly encourages the Burundian refugees to go back home, but M7 offloads them on us.

In 2014, because some had Ugandan voter's cards,Tz ejected all its Rwandese refugees, but the Junta offloaded them on us, as "lost and found" Ugandans.

In other words, how e.g, can a president who says he is nobody's servant or employee own up and/or account to anybody? Nada.
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2017-09-13 08:47
Our parliament is like a dead duck. E.g., after M7 said that he is nobody's servant or employee, yet he flagrantly consumes and wastes a disproportionate portion of the national resources, nobody said nothing.

In other countries parliament and even the armed forces would have ejected the man forthwith. Who needs such an arrogant, parasitic president?

It was treasonable, for Mr. M7, the Commander in Chief to brazenly tell it off in their (UPDF, the Police, Prison Service) faces that he is nobody's servant or employee.

As if bewitch, although on 26th January 2017, Mr. M7 spoke out what was and still is in his mind, heart and soul; but here we are: blind, deaf, dumb and lame.
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+1 #3 rubangakene 2017-09-13 22:05
In other words Uganda is a dumping ground for all sorts of dubious people in the guise of refugees; from Albanians crooks, American Army deserters, Nigerian crooks, to Zairean (read Congo) prostitutes.

They bring in their, cocaine, corrupt and immoral ways into this once beautiful country. no wonder the election results are skewed!
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+1 #4 Lysol 2017-09-13 22:49
The regime has always been involved in many shady deals.

We cannot expect it to come clean on this, until it's caught red handed.
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+3 #5 MarthaLeah Nangalama 2017-09-14 00:58
Our team wrote about this in April 2015 and hardly anyone paid attention.

Same thing with the Life Presidency and the same with the Land Bill. Check the change of guards or Nangalama blog but here is the link.

A bit long but you will see how Museveni set up the refugee policy. Recently in July when he asked for $8B for refugees in Uganda, he got less than $500M. REASON, the world now knows he he invades countries to cause influx of refugees and then beg for money. INFORMATION IS POWER.

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