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Observer locker: Junkies brace for Arsenal, Liverpool duel for CL spot

It will be a nervy weekend for Arsenal and Liverpool fans as their teams attempt to outsmart each other for the top-four slots and guarantee Champions League football next season. The junkies are not spared, too...

Atusiimire: Ha, Nsimbe, mpozzi you are finishing in eighth position?
Kisakye: Man-Utd used six-inch nails to concretize their position there.
Nsimbe: That's true. Sixth has been Man-Utd's position.
Kisakye: Even with that run you have had, where you did not lose a league game in 25, you have stuck in sixth.

Nsimbe: That has been Mourinho's legacy in the league.
Atusiimire: Funny that even if Man-Utd score 100 goals this weekend, they cannot overlap Arsenal.
Nsimbe: The good thing is that Arsenal will be keeping Man-Utd good company in the Europa League next season.
Atusiimire: No way. Arsenal still has a chance, however small it may be, to finish above Liverpool.

Bamulanzeki: That is true.
Mugalu: But then, if Arsenal is so good, why are they behind Liverpool?
Kabuye: Kyekyo..good question.
Mwesigwa: Ebintu bizibu....Arsenal keep lowering their ambitions.

Kiggundu: No wonder Mourinho has been taunting Arsenal, that Man-Utd fights for trophies, not positions.
Kisakye: It is funny that Arsene Wenger has been criticizing us (Chelsea), that we play a defensive game, yet we have outscored his team.
Kiggundu: Let Wenger leave us a bit. His team has been losing games, even when they have attacked so much, as he claims. But football is about teams playing to their strengths.

Kiyonga: Although I wonder what Kiggundu is doing here yet he is on leave, office is so dull without leave. Ani ye eyawa Kiggundu leave atukyankalanya?
Nsimbe: I cannot wait to see Zziwa, who has for years been saying that he does not watch Europa league because it is a taboo to him.
Zziwa: Ssebo, I meant what I said.

Mwesigwa: Kale tunaakulaba...olugezigezi.
Zziwa: Then you look at these people, who hate Arsenal with a passion.
Mbanga: Ggwe bano obagala!
Zziwa: I know Nsimbe is worried that if Arsenal make it into the Champions League, he will have to buy for me a crate of soda, as he stated a few months.

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