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Observer locker: Junkies trade barbs over Kop, Arsenal

There is no denying the fact that Arsenal and Liverpool are sworn enemies. And as they tussle it out for a top-four finish with Man-City, the junkies are enjoying the nervous moments from that battle.......

Bamulanzeki: I had hoped that Liverpool would lose over the weekend, and Arsenal would easily get a top four place, but wapi..
Zziwa: Eryo ddogo lya Nsimbe. The man doesn't like Arsenal.
Nsimbe: What ddogo? I am least interested in what you and Liverpool do.
Zziwa: Twala eri..you see, this Nsimbe man even placed a bet, that if Arsenal qualify for the Uefa champions league, he will buy me a crate of soda.

Nsimbe: That is what I offered, to aid in your celebrations, if you realize Uefa Champions League football.
Zziwa: Wa... you are working tirelessly, to ensure that Arsenal does not qualify, so that you don't give me my crate of soda.
Nsimbe: That is not true, Zziwa. My offer is still on. It is up to you to call Wenger, to make sure he rallies the boys. I am sure you have his phone contact.
Atusiimire: I also cannot believe Nsimbe. Earlier in the season, he predicted that Arsenal would finish sixth. Let him talk now.
Nsimbe: I doubt there is much difference between fifth and sixth.

Atusiimire: By the way, Arsenal is making top four, believe me.
Nsimbe: You must be referring to the Arsenal team you started in karo karungi in Rukungiri five years ago- that herdsmen tournament you fund.
Atusiimire: You will be shocked after we have edged out that Liverpool side.
Bamulanzeki: Eyo Liverpool erina okuvaayo by hook or crook.

Kiyonga: Mugalu and Kiggundu are so passionate about Liverpool, after it once fielded El Hadji Diouf and Salif Diao.
Mugalu: Look at this joker called Kiyonga also discussing football.
Zziwa: Ha, Mugalu anyiize. We need to stop this Liverpool talk. But no one beats him, when it comes to abusing Arsenal.

Mugalu: Bannange, I never say anything bad about Arsenal. In fact, I don't even know the weekend results.
Zziwa: You pretend like you are innocent. But next season, you are returning to your customary position number seven in the EPL. Nze ngenze kati.
Mwesigwa: Eh! It is hard to survive this Zziwa man.
Mugalu: Oyo lumbe lwa Bote...
Nsimbe: That is Zziwa, you mean..

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