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Can Barca eliminate Juventus?

Nsimbe: Although Barcelona reversed the 4-0 deficit they had the other time against PSG, this time I don't think they will do it.
Ssenyonga: But why? I think we (Barcelona) can do it again. This team has quality.
Nsimbe: Quality or no quality, Juventus is a solid team at the back.
Mugerwa: Juventus has a good coach in Massimiliano Allegri to be so naive like PSG.

Mugalu: Eno Barcelona tewena. These guys have their referees. They can do anything.
Kiyonga: I know that also. But this time they are out.
Mwesigwa: I also don't think Barcelona can do what they did to PSG again.
Mugalu: Barcelona has its referees called Donney. They will do the job.

Bamulanzeki: Anyway, unless Barcelona engages in broad daylight robbery like the other time; that, we can have little control over.
Mugalu: You know Barcelona's trick. They start by ensuring that you get a man sent off immediately, then they weaken you.
Kabuye: By the way, it is so common that in every tough game, Barcelona gets a man sent off.
Kiggundu: According to Mugalu, it's pre-planned to weaken opponents. But you cannot say that all the trophies Barcelona has won, have resulted from referees favouring them.

Mbanga: As a Chelsea fan, I have suffered so many times at the hands of Barcelona. You remember that referee called Ovrebo in 2009 at Stamford Bridge?
Kiyonga: But even Arsenal has suffered in the same way at the hands of Barcelona.
Nsimbe: Naye Kiyonga, Arsenal has been weak each time they have faced Barcelona.
Zziwa: I cannot imagine how all of you grown men, can keep saying that Barcelona is favoured to win games. Are you serious?

Kiyonga: After KCCA knocked out El-Masry, this Zziwa man is so dismissive of everyone.
Mugalu: Nsimbe thought that KCCA was like Villa, which conceded seven against FUS Rabat.
Zziwa: Ono Nsimbe even called me after we conceded the first goal to boast about how KCCA were finished.

Nsimbe: Naye really, when was that?
Zziwa: You and Sebugwawo must have been dancing to Kibaluma.
Sebugwawo: Nze I will not deny. I ordered a beer before my team El-Masry disappointed me.
Mbanga: For me, KCCA's feat made my Easter a wonderful one.

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