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Coach-less Kobs tackle Impis in rugby league

For the last two rounds of fixtures, Kobs Rugby Club have been playing without a coach and the statusquo continues for champions as they take on Impis this weekend.

Their interim coach Edmund Tumusiime could not juggle work and club duties; so, he left. However, Kobs players are now coaching themselves, yet the club management does not seem to be in a hurry for a new coach, suggesting that they have given up on this season’s title chase.

Despite outlasting Rhinos 23- 22 last Saturday, Kobs remain 14 points behind the leaders Heathens. And even if they win all their remaining games, Kobs will need help from elsewhere to deny Heathens the title.

So, in the meantime, the injured Kobs players Victor Wadiya and Al-Hajji Manano, seen bellowing out instructions last weekend, are likely to continue in that role for a while.

However, the lack of a coach at Kobs has brought into perspective the shortage of coaches ready and available to handle coaching duties in the top-flight league. That has compelled Kobs to rely on their former player Fred Mudoola. Because of Mudoola’s work regime in Mpigi, he can only spare a Tuesday evening to coach the players. But even that session is not ample.

Kobs in action against Heathens during a league match last year

Full-back Joseph Aredo said: “It’s tough playing with no coach to provide motivation and technical guidance.” But they will just have to toughen up and make do with the circumstances.


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