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Speaker Kadaga calls Justice Kavuma court order 'stupid'

In a surprise ruling on Monday, Justice Steven Kavuma ordered Parliament not to “investigate, question or inquire” into the Shs 6bn bonus payments to 42 government officials who won at least $700m from a capital gains tax dispute between Uganda, Heritage Oil and Tullow Oil.

And yesterday during Parliamentary debate, an angry Speaker Rebecca Kadaga called Justice Kavuma’s order stupid and suspended indefinitely House sittings until the order is expunged from the court records.

The ruling followed heated debate. Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukatana attempted to block debate on the motion by Mbarara Municipality MP Michael Tusiime calling for an investigation into the Shs 6bn cash reward, christened the presidential handshake.

To block debate, Rukutana reminded MPs of Justice Kavuma’s order blocking debate on the cash reward but the lawmakers shouted him down. Kadaga told the House that Parliament had not been duly served and made reference to Section 4 of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, which prohibits any court orders when the House is in session.

Parliamentary session yesterday

Despite heckles from both sides of the house, Rukutana stuck to his guns, reminding MPs that as attorney general, he is duty-bound to advise Parliament on legal matters.

“I will repeat, for the record, that we were just served with the court order, we are respondents, we are not petitioners,” Rukutana told the MPs.

But MPs James Kakooza (Kabula), Jacob Oboth-Oboth (West Budama South), Ogenga Latigo (Agago North) and Anifa Kawooya (Sembabule Woman), among others, rubbished the court order, arguing that it erodes Parliament’s independence and the doctrine of separation of powers.

“If we are to take court orders beginning with this one, prepare to obey one that stops you [speaker] from sitting in that chair,” Oboth-Oboth said.

The MPs were joined by State Minister for Urban Development Isaac Musumba, who also shot down Rukutana’s argument. Kadaga rejected the court order, first doubting its authenticity but when Rukutana brandished more papers to prove that Parliament had been served, Kadaga stopped debate and directed the attorney general to have “the stupid court order” vacated.


“We are facing an unprecedented situation where the doctrine of separation of powers is being tested. This is the first time a court is operating in anticipation even when an issue has not come to this House. This is an attempt by the court to prevent this House from doing its work. I cannot accept a situation where a court dictates how we shall operate in this House, the court is interfering with the oversight powers of this House,” Kadaga said as MPs cheered.

“It is going to the core of democracy in this country. Honorable members, this order says we should not debate, we should not inquire, not investigate; that’s unacceptable. There’s no way we shall deal with the budget without talking about this matter, there’s no way the government will secure money for the petroleum fund without talking about this matter, there’s no way we’re going to capitalize Uganda Development Bank without talking about this matter,” Kadaga said.

“I want to direct the attorney general to move to court immediately and get this stupid order vacated,” she said.

MPs applauded as Kadaga further roared, “I want the rights of members to be fully reinstated, in the circumstances, I will adjourn this House sine die (indefinitely), no more work to be done from today, no more plenary sittings until you have vacated this order.”



+2 #11 wadada Rogers 2017-01-11 19:29
I agree with Kadaga but for the sake of emphasis, a stupid order can only be issued by a stupid person.
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0 #12 Coleman 2017-01-12 05:46
Quoting wadada Rogers:
I agree with Kadaga but for the sake of emphasis, a stupid order can only be issued by a stupid person.

Well, well Mr Wadada, who question the stupidity of the a man who sells his souls for the sake of money and sells his country for the sake of political favours...!!

That man will go in the books of history as disgrace to this country, a disgrace to the judiciary, a disgrace to his tribe and a disgrace to his family and children...!!
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+1 #13 George Musinga 2017-01-12 06:34
How long are we going to be kept in Kavuma 's unending theatrics?

Did this Kavuma guy study law or MDD? He is just a comedian. WHAT if Kavuma decides to sweep the coffers of the court for his family benefit, I imagine he will put an order and no investigation. ..

By the way, what's your take Mr. Bart Katureebe?.
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0 #14 Isaac Kiiza 2017-01-12 10:02
We await your thoughts on this. Naye, let us be honest! Is something wrong with Justice Kavuma?

Has he truly lost even the ka little conscience that could ever exist?

How can someone rule against proceedings that have not even started taking place? Is that not criminal?

Oh Uganda!
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+1 #15 ainembabazi 2017-01-12 10:45
Could it be that injustice Kavuma belongs to Butabika Institute of mental health especially since he doesn't throw any stones!!

How does a presumably sane person change his age so late, a few days before retirement!

This man surely belongs somewhere else, but not in the judiciary.

The JSC must seriously take this up and expire this gentleman before he does any further damage. Also, the appointing authority must be taken to tadk about the same issues.
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0 #16 Lysol 2017-01-13 03:54
Quoting wadada Rogers:
I agree with Kadaga but for the sake of emphasis, a stupid order can only be issued by a stupid person.

Like you the Basogas. That is why they say you people are always butt leakers.
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