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Miracle: Jesus did it again

Today is about my testimony. I know God does things and He makes you cry in awe, but it had been a while.

The last time I was so overwhelmed by the Lord’s miracle and I wept was 2008 when my cousin lost her eyesight suddenly and inexplicably. One second she was seeing and the next she was calling me, groping around for me like a blind man, saying she could not see a thing!

We had come home from church on a Sunday and she was in perfect health. Then she thought she saw a flea jumping around and as she bent over for a closer look, a warm current hit her in the face and suddenly she lost her sight.

We prayed and cried and everything, in vain. Luckily we had only come home for a break and intended to return to church because we were holding a 21-day fasting and prayer that included daily overnight prayers.

I led her to the car and drove to church, where the congregation watched in shock as she came down the stairs crawling on her bottom, because she could not see even a glimmer of light.

But that night, at around 1am as our pastor, Stephen Mukulu, prayed, my cousin recovered her sight. We wept in church like someone had died, but they were tears of joy.

Then last week, Jesus did it again. My uncle stays and works in Kenya and he called to say he was having terrible stomach pain.

One of his daughters travelled immediately to attend to him and in hospital, it was found that his gall bladder was swollen and his intestine had no bile to aid digestion. As a result, he was throwing up constantly and for an old man, this was very worrying.

The hospital scheduled him for surgery last Friday as back in Kampala, we started a chain of prayers. Pastor Mukulu even called uncle to pray with him over the phone as everyone believed God for healing.

Then on Friday afternoon as they did the final tests and scans before surgery, the results showed that everything was clear. The gall bladder was back to normal and digestion looked smooth.

My cousin called in tears to give me the news and I wailed in joy. I called my mother, uncle’s only sister, and she wailed on phone. The calls continued like that. Everyone was in tears of joy. What an amazing feeling!

You still don’t believe in miracles? Well, I do. And to God be all the glory!


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