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Jesus doing magic in Da Nu Eagles – Lutaaya

On September 8, Da Nu Eagles band celebrated their third anniversary.

Theatre La Bonita became too small for their fans that turned up eager to party, even with tickets selling at Shs 30,000 and Shs 50,000. The VIP and ordinary sections were full by 8pm and due to limited space, latecomers were bounced.

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu, the leaders of Da Nu Eagles, were seen with renewed respect as the duo chose to give more time to their young protégés to showcase their talents.

Geoffrey Lutaaya performs

Sasha Brighton seemed to be the hottest cake on sale and her song K’ambiite caused calls for encores.

Unlike similar shows where revellers sit and watch, this audience danced and showered singers with money. Lutaaya then took them through their hard times, his tactics in training the team and how far they have come with their music.

“It is hard for someone who has been in music for over 20 years to restart from zero. We started this band with my wife and five new members who had never sang anywhere, but God gave us luck,” he said.

“We made it, despite the little budget compared to other groups; so, it is not about money. Many people ask me what magic I use…the magic is not me, but Jesus doing it.” Lutaaya and Namatovu split from Eagles Production in 2014.

Some of the Da Nu Eagles members

Their departure was also the disintegration of the once-popular band, giving birth to Da Nu Eagles, while their former band mates, Catherine Kusasira, Ronald Mayinja, Stecia Mayanja, Maureen Nantume, and Mesach Semakula, among others, formed Golden band.

At La Bonita, Lutaaya sang a few of his old hits including Oli Miss, before he was joined by his wife Irene to sing their duets and thank God and their fans. The other members of Da Nu Eagles include Jona Luzinda, Betina Namukasa, Sasha Brighton, Henry Mwanje and Grace Khan.


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