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Be your child’s number one fan

There is no better feeling for any human being than knowing that there is someone out there that holds you in high esteem and morale boosts you to higher levels.

Football fans have mastered the art and value of supporting their teams and reap the fruits this bears. The support and allegiance they pledge to their teams is unwavering, irrespective of their performance or what their competitors think of them.

Children, as they grow up, need someone that will cheer them on in their life’s race. There is no better person suited for this role than their parents. The reality of the world we live in is that it is rough and quite often than not wicked as well.

The vulnerability and naivety that come with young age make it such a rough ride for children growing up. Amidst this, they need a person that will believe in them and encourage them to run faithfully the life race set before them.

Like in every race, the temptation to focus support on the promising winner is often high. However, we should be aware of this vice in parenting. This is very important because every child is running in a separate lane and headed to a different destination. Our support for our children should not be espoused on how much we hope to get from them, but only on helping them run their individual races successfully.

Let us draw lessons from the said football fans, for example. They will not support a team just because it has won a trophy for a particular season, neither does their support accrue from their teams holding enviable positions on the championship tables.

Even when these are struggling, they have undying hope that one day their teams will make them proud. Season after season, they give their all in terms of support, forgetting the failures of the past and hoping for the best. This is a challenge for us as parents.

Do we offer this unwavering support to our children as they aspire to achieve their dreams? Is our support only available if and when our children are making us proud?

Our children need our full time undivided support so that we can get the best out of them. Like in the football match, sometimes the results are a win and at other times a draw or even a loss. The beauty of this however is that the results of one match do not necessarily define the team.

Likewise, the success or failure of our children at some point in their lives does not necessarily decree their fate. The most important thing is that we consistently cheer them on. Do we encourage them to hang in there with the hope that one day the whistle will be blown in their favour?

Understanding that the environment in which we are raising our children is already a hostile one should push us to be more deliberate on our parenting style. Amidst the hostility, our children need to appreciate that they are loved.

Once your child knows that you are their number one fan, if not for themselves, they will aim high just for your sake. It is true that a good turn deserves another.

Do not let the words of affirmation depart from your mouth. If you find it so easy to talk about how your heart is endeared to a football club, soap series or even political party, how much more should you find it natural to do the same for your child?

If you can cast aside all decency to cheer on your team, how much more support should you show to your child? Remember, as the parent, you are not only a fan but the chief morale booster for your child. Play your role like it is all you have to do to see your child finish his/her race well.

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