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Here are my New Year plans, not resolutions

Jal Paddy,

The New Year resolutions are still coming in thick and fast. But for the UK folks, research records reveal that by mid-February, more than half the resolutions will have been forgiven and forgotten.

I am giving the whole resolution thing a pass this year. It shouldn’t mean I am not taking advantage of a fresh year’s start to put emphasis on a few things here and there. 

Among the big ones is keeping on top of my fitness. Funnily, getting fit is also amongst the top three resolutions made by Londoners at the start of every year.

Everyone wants to shed off the weight from all the excesses of the festive feasting and drinking. This gets London gyms parked immediately after the New Year holiday. Afterwards, the numbers start dwindling. The problem is many folks assume the kilos simply fall off at the mention of the word “gym”.

I have always been keen on my fitness, but not to the level of setting goals and keeping track of my work progress. The occasional game of basketball, a quick ride on the tricycles and the occasional weight training have always been the case. But for this year, I am going to turn it up a notch and see how fit I get.

After all, having hit my 30s, it is high time keeping fit and healthy featured prominently on my priority list. I know you always complain of never getting time to keep on top of your fitness. Let’s try harder this time round, my friend.

It’s a known fact that when folks hit their 30s, their health starts to suffer most because we are busy worrying about work, the children and our ageing parents.

It’s the start of the inactivity that leads to pot bellies, more drink and pure simple laziness.  That is a route I choose not to take. The groundwork starts this year.

The other thing I am quite keen on this year is delving into African fine art with the possibility of turning my interest into business back here. The last time I was in Kampala, I met up with a few fine art friends whose works could do well hanging on many a bare wall of kyeyo folks here.

You could call it ‘bringing a piece of home to our kyeyo life’. Not every nkuba kyeyo has the luxury and opportunity to travel back and forth to visit home. Many are stuck here until that one plane safari ticket home for good.

In case you are wondering where such a weird idea is coming from, many times in my kyeyo life, I have come across lovely but inexpensive stuff which I have bought and sent home with the idea of making a small profit.

But facing off the British pound sterling against the Uganda shilling is an uphill task. With this art idea, the not-so-strong Uganda shilling is working in my favour. Call it exploring entrepreneurial aspirations.

And, of course, the continued focus on family goes unabated. This includes finishing those homeworks in time, keeping up with the Sunday school schedule and discovering more of London as a family. This, my friend, is a plan not a New Year resolution.

Happy New Year to you and family!

Your friend,

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