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Mind your children’s play items

Recently, a mother testified over a local television channel about how her three-year-old daughter vomited a balloon after a prayer in a fellowship. She said the child could have swallowed it four days prior to vomiting it.

I wondered how God spared this child; where her parents were and what could have happened had she not vomited the reported balloon. Many other questions lingered in my mind. To be sincere, I was overwhelmed by fear because my children had fun blowing balloons on Christmas and Boxing days. 

With my wife, we became much protective and conscious. We are now mindful about the items our children play with. Some items may not seem risky, and you may take them for granted yet they can injure your child.

For example, your child may be driving car toys in the house where there are other items like sideboard, chairs and a television set. The children may knock and break these items. In the process, however, anything could happen to your child.

My two boys can drive their toy cars in the house, collide and are happy about it. When they knock themselves on the walls, they start screaming or crying. All I always wish is for them to stop, but the following morning, the game is on high gear.

After the woman’s testimony, my wife and I became so strict that we now control our children more than before. You might have perhaps never minded how your children play with what.

There are some things you need to consider as a parent. For example, are the play items safe in your absence? Is the playing environment child-friendly?

Is your compound free from sharp objects that could injure your children? Do you trust whom your children play with? Do you have time to tell your children how best they should use their play items and interact with other children in a healthy manner? There are children (siblings) who like to play together, but also fight and you feel it’s normal.

If you have a child of below three years, keep coins out of his/her reach; otherwise, he/she can swallow them. All in all, let’s be mindful of our children’s play items and maintain a child-friendly environment for them to play in.

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