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Go on and break your resolutions

The first weekend of the year is here. Many are still reflecting on their 2017 resolutions.

I have never been good with those. Every time I have written them down, I break them in the first quarter of the year. For the past couple of years, I have set more of goals than resolutions. I also realized what most people refer to as resolutions are actually wishes. 

How can your new year’s resolution be travelling to the US? Do you think you are simply going to walk into the embassy and come out with a visa just because it is your resolution? Maybe you already have the money for the ticket. That’s Ok.

What happens if you are denied the visa? Just like that; one of your resolutions will come down crumbling. But if it’s a goal, there are two options: you may score or miss. If you miss, you try again or move on. 

In case you are not getting the difference, let me explain it this way: A wish is more like a dream – something or an achievement you want by all means – whereas a resolution is more of a promise you make to yourself. Most resolutions rotate around, but are not limited to behavioural change. 

A night with Fabiola is a wish, while deciding to hit the gym to fight your potbelly is a resolution. I am glad we are on the same page now. 

The awkward thing is that every time I make a resolution, I struggle to hit even 30 per cent of my target. However, when I do things freestyle, I find myself scoring from all angles.

When you are under pressure to score, nothing happens until you decide to let it happen if it must. That’s when you get the good news.

I was a fitness freak. I just walked up one day and followed my workmate to the gym. I worked out six days a week for close to a year. Then life happened and I backslid. I cannot believe it’s becoming a resolution now with a high chance of failure. But it’s worth trying.

Whatever your wishes, goals or resolutions are for 2017, I wish you the best. For those who have already broken theirs, you can still make a fresh start; after all we are not even midway into January.

Those planning to head out to Casablanca and totally forget about your resolutions, make sure you have as much fun as possible and have no regrets after. You only live once.


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