As kids grow, they have different ambitions and dreams of what they would love to be in future. Some achieve their dreams and others fail due to several influences as they grow. IMMACULATE WANYENZE engineered a debate among pupils on who is more important; a teacher or a doctor.

Laika Nampiina, P.4, St. Angella’s Primary School Kampala
A teacher is more important because it is a teacher who teaches the doctor. We cannot have a doctor without a teacher.

Mwamina Kiiza, P.5; 10; Soroti Primary School

Doctors are usually smart when going to work yet most teachers are shabby, especially science teachers. So, guess who my favourite is!

Shadia Nambowa, P.7; 13; All Saints Primary School
A teacher is better because he/she gives you the first advice on what to do and a doctor follows.

Patricia Nalunkuuma, P.7; Namagunga Boarding Primary School
Teachers are more knowledgeable than doctors. A teacher has knowledge about politicians, nurses and other professions yet doctors only treat patients.

Sauda Mubarak, P.7; 12; St. Angella’s Primary School
Doctors put on uniform; so, it is easy for one to identify with them but teachers do not. You can easily mistake any confused person on the street to be a teacher!

Shakira Nanyonga, P.4; St. Angella’s Primary School
Teachers are less educated compared to doctors yet our society needs people who have many books to help us.

Suzan Kwagala, P.6; 12; St. Angella’s Primary School
A doctor is more important because it is he who treats the teacher. Otherwise, without treatment, the teacher would die and, so, fail to teach.

Junior Tendo, 7; P.2; Entebbe COU Junior School

Teachers are greater because they are the ones who nurture a doctor right from childhood.

Trevor Mukisa, P.7; 12; St. Angella’s Primary School
Teachers are more important because they know our weaknesses and can advise us on what to do for a bright future.

Emmanuel Muwonge, P.2; All Saints Primary School

I think doctors are better because they get more money than teachers.


+19 #1 Thomas 2010-05-15 04:04
i have liked the opnions of our bright chaps, keep them interacted and we will have a well informed generation of youngerstars. bravo kids
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+5 #2 serwajja Okwota 2010-05-16 10:01
Suzan Kwagala said that the Doctor is more important because he treats the teacher and that the teacher can't teach without a doctor's treatment.

However not every teacher falls sick and in any case,he/she can use herbs to treat his sickness. But a doctor may not qualify without a teacher.
So the teacher is better than a Doctor.
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