The disputed cultural leader of the Banyala, Captain Baker Kimeze, has told President Museveni that his people want autonomy from Buganda Kingdom.
The Banyala are a minority ethnic group living in Kayunga District, Buganda Kingdom’s old county of Bugerere.

Kimeze handed the President a petition from the Banyala seeking to break away from Buganda and to be recognised as an autonomous cultural institution. This was during a public rally Museveni addressed at Galiraya, a landing site on the shores of Lake Kyoga, on Monday.

Kimeze’s petition comes days after the President had declared that Kayunga will not beak away from Buganda, but the Banyala have the right to practise their culture. But the Banyala who received the President, maintained that they want Kayunga to be autonomous from Buganda. And to emphasise their point, the Banyala sang their own anthem after the national anthem had been played.

They sang songs declaring their autonomy and praised Kimeze who explained to President Museveni the history of the Banyala.

The President chose not to comment on Kimeze’s petition when he stood up to address the rally.
But the issue of autonomy for the Banyala remains a controversial one with Buganda accusing the central government of propping up separatist chiefdoms in Buganda.

It was the same demands by the Banyala for recognition as an autonomous cultural institution that sparked off riots in Kampala and Kayunga in September 2009 after the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, was blocked from visiting Kayunga.

The Government said the Kabaka needed to seek permission from Kimeze before he could visit the area, but Mengo officials dismissed Kimeze as a government creation from whom the Kabaka could not beg.
Museveni has been touring Prosperity for All projects in Kayunga District since Thursday, February 4.

He told the same rally that he was tired of corruption in the NAADS programme.
“These corrupt NAADS officials are like jiggers, I am going to remove them from the system,” he said.

He was responding to residents who complained that NAADS officials were stealing funds meant to help poor people improve their lives. Margaret Ndagire, a farmer in Ntimba, Galiraya, said that her group of 25 members was given only a he-goat.

“We stared at it wondering how it will benefit all of us. We knew it would not reproduce so that each of us takes the kids so we consulted the NAADS officials,” Ndagire said.

She said that they were advised by the NAADS officials to look for farmers who would bring their female goats for mating at Shs1,000.
“My friends left the goat with me since it was not going to benefit all of us,” Ndagire says.

She says first the goat needed special feeds, and then the goats it would mate with had to be vaccinated first. Ndagire said the goat fell sick and died. “One day the NAADS people came and took their signpost from my compound and that was the last time I saw them.”

“I have had it with this NAADS people. Everywhere I go people are saying they don’t help the poor but instead they have started their own farms. I am not going to allow this. This year is for improving household incomes,” the President told the gathering.

He directed Moses Byaruhanga, the Presidential Assistant on Political Affairs, to write down everyone’s concerns and problems. For over two hours Byaruhanga listened to demands ranging from women asking for dairy cows to men seeking mosquito nets for their families.

But one resident, Saulo Musigire, remained pessimistic. He said all government programmes had failed to understand what the people actually need.

He said that helping only farmers in Galiraya, left the majority of people, who are fishermen, in poverty.

“First, the conditions here cannot allow exotic cattle, goats or plants to survive. Secondly, the weather here is very harsh and hot; so, farming is very difficult. We cannot harvest what we expect. The poverty here is unimaginable. NAADS should be helping the fishermen because this is a fishing community,” he said.

He said that while government had introduced patrols to check illegal fishing, the law enforcement people were instead aiding it. When they confiscate illegal fishing nets, Musigire says, the officers sell the nets to other fishermen and the cycle continues.

The President promised to extend electricity to Galiraya. He visited homes of two farmers; Kizito Luwalira and Godfrey Ssonko who rear cattle and grow pineapples. He donated a milk processing plant and a juice processor.

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+1 #1 Alex 2010-02-11 02:31
Dear Mr. President, go to the District Planning Unit if you want to know what people of Galiraya really need and not what they “want”.

Turning Mr. Byaruhanga into a Planner shows how people including the President have failed to appreciate and own decentralizatio n. It also shows how political leaders have continued to gamble with the development of this country!

Mr. President, have you ever heard of Bottom-up decentralized planning??. I want to assure you that all the information you need to develop Galiraya is with the District Planner. Simply provide funds to support the already identified investments/pro ject profiles, and need not bother Mr. Byaruhanga.

I would be happy if you employed me as your new Presidential Advisor on Decentralized Planning. The first free advice I give you is to always consult the office of the District planner before going to the people. Sabasajja Awangaale. For God and My country
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0 #2 MABO 2010-02-11 04:21
The issue of donating animals to farmers is not feasible enough. Let the NAADS people set up the demo farms,well gazzetted at parish level or county from wch farmers can go for actual hands on solutions such as farm in puts,fartilizer s,good breeds,plants & skills thru active participation. The next level is to set up processors,stor age rooms & marketing strategy. The rest will follow suit. Wht these NAADS people want local farmers to do,them selves can't do it. If you want to give piglets,why not set up a zonal breeding farm first in a county/parish employing local & teaching them piggery keeping? Then those growing maize will be assured of market,then a maize mill comes on board for human & animal feeds. Just imagine this multiplier effect!! Lets stop being theoretical abt house hold poverty.How no NAADS officer can take the president to tour their own farms? Don't they own farms?! For God & my country.
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0 #3 MABO 2010-02-11 04:33
The advocacy by some banyara to break away from buganda will not benfit them in long run. The best thing would be to seek audiance wth mengo,present their grievences(if any) then seek solution on win-win platform & consesus. The banyara can always tap & benefit from the organistion structure at mengo to champion their need from mengo & central govt using a "stronger" voice. Both mengo & banyara shld come out their entrenched positions wth out pointing finger but seeking true reconciliation. Politically & economically & culturally they all stand to benefit. I implore progressives on either side to take charge of the situation,histo ry will reward you abundantly. For God & my country.
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0 #4 Tsaile Airen 2010-02-11 06:31
Hi Readers,
Google Satellite Map of Entebbe shows a house with brown tile roof marked "Entebbe Grade A Hospital", complete with a red cross. I am sure that building is not Entebbe Grade A Hospital.

The "RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT" are symbols of the ICRC and used with hope of saving life. The owner of that house should remove those marks immediately. A den of lions marked hospital!! Who are you fooling?
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0 #5 Seezi Sewagaba 2010-02-11 07:42
Banyala cannot exist without Baganda.The majority of the people in Bugerere are of Baganda origin.The Banyala are just a negligible minority.

I wonder why the Banyala did not claim for autonomy during Obote's rule and decided to do it now.Buganda can do without you Banyala.You need us more than we need you.You are blessed to be part of a superior culture called the Baganda.

The Banyala are a cultural light weight who have been living off the Baganda name.If you leave Buganda you will become insiginificant and pale into oblivion.Associ ating with the Baganda has been to your advantage.

I wonder why Kimeze does not ask for permission from Mengo every time he visits Kampala,if he calls himself a cultural leader or King of the Banyala.All this testifies to the superiority of the Buganda Kingdom as opposed to the Banyala or Baluuri chiefdoms.You have been living like leaches on Buganda, now that you have sucked us empty,you want to leave.
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0 #6 Ivo 2010-02-11 11:27
The population in Kayunga according to UBOS (2002)
Baganda (32%),
Basoga (16.3%),
Bagisu (7.6%),
Baruli (4.4%),
Iteso (4%),
Japadhola (3.9%),
Kuku (3.4%),
Bugwere (2.8%),
Banyole (2.8%),
Banyala (2.7%)
Other ethnic groups (14.6%).

I wonder if the NRM is playing sustainable politics when it sings the song of 2.7% of the population in the area (with due respect to the fact that this small number is entitled to all rights enshrined in the constitution).

What will the president do if the other 10 tribes in the district ask for independent Kingdoms within the same district?

It is good that the president returned Kingdoms but he should only entertain those Kingdoms that had been abolished by Obote. If some groups claim marginalisation like in the case of Banyala and Baruli (which is a total fabrication) mechanisms should be in place for Buganda (or any other concerned Kingdom) to be compelled to accord them enabling environment to live in equality with communities in the concerned districts.

Otherwise, encouraging the Banyala and Baruli breakaways may be the biggest blunder in Buganda's political history. Surely, His Excellency should see this without much efort.
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0 #7 Pyati Sololo 2010-02-11 12:42
Capt. Baker Kimeze, who was annointed the "Ssabanyala of Bugerere" by His Excellency Yoweri K. Museveni, earns Uganda Shillings 5,000,000 per month as a "cultural leader" of the Banyala.

Compared to a captain's salary in the army, this is a fortune. Kimeze will fight tooth and nail to ensure the continuous flow of his stipend, hence the clamour for recognition of his "kingdom".

On the other hand, Kimeze's demands fall quite in line with Mr. Museveni's grand plan of disorganising Buganda and becoming a King of Kings or Emperor of sorts, who annoints and dethrones kings at will, particularly if they don't take his telephone calls!
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0 #8 Dan Mulinde 2010-02-11 13:11
Artficially created kings have no backbone or leg to stand on and once their political creaters dissappear, they all go under like they were never there.

In S Africa many such were created together with Bantustan homelands. Today none exist.... gone forever. And Mr. Museveni, how far back do we go in History in recreating.

instead of this crazy idea of chiefdoms why dont we just break the whole country into what the area now called Uganda was before colonialists came around. we will then have achieved what the Great Leader wants.......and Kimeza will perhaps reign high!!!!!!!!!!
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0 #9 Stephen Kakooza 2010-02-11 13:19
I come from Kayunga-Bugerer e and i want to assure all Ugandans those from within and without that there is no cause for alarm in Bugerere County of Buganda.

All the people of Bugerere who include Banyala from Galiraya sub-county, Basoga and Bakenyi in Busaana sub-county are all beloved citizens of Buganda and very loyal to their Kingdom Buganda.

Kimeze and his group of less than 20people are just former Child Soldiers in NRA who because of poverty are being used by Museveni who now thinks that its the Kabaka's government and the Kingdom of Buganda that have said no to his lies.

We want to assure Museveni that for us in Kayunga we are used to such characters who normally promise to destroy our county whenever a regime change is about to happen.

Obote wanted to tarmac the Kampala-Galiray a road and it stopped at Kayunga by the time he was overthrown in 1971. He was trying to avoid the people of Luwero who put his brother who was a police commander in Luwero "out of action" during the 1966 CRISIS.

He used to stay at the late Beridard Muwonge's home in Kyabazala whenever he was using that route but Muwonge lost all his farm in 1971 and ony survived death.

During Amin's time a one-armed soldier called Kakono threated us to blow up Ssezibwa bridge and set the whole of Kayunga Town on fire but run away in civilian clothes and abandoned all the heavy guns and NEW army uniforms

In Obote II, Musana and his brother Bowazi tortured people and it was Muwonge who used to rescue them wanning them of what will happen to them if they dont stop their acts. I believe wherever they are hiding they are still in fear of being identified to answer for their crimes.

Very soon Museveni and Kony will both meet in exile in Hauge and compare notes before facing GOD's verdict.
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0 #10 Grace 2010-02-11 14:25
For the sake of clarity, why cant the district speaker, or any authentic authority in Kayunga district come out and show us all documentation indicating when the district council sat and delibarated on having another Kingdom under the Sabanyala in Bugerere? The people of Ankole have rejected the Obugabe and it is known that they have discussed this in their district councils, but where are the minutes indicating the will of the councilors from Kayunga showing that they want this Bunyala kingdom? From history we know that the people in Kitagwenda and Bunyaruguru migrated from Buganda. Does this mean we shall soon have a Sabatagwenda or Sabanyaruguru from whom Kabaka Mutebi will have to seek permision just in case he wants to travel to Queen Elizabeth National park for a tour? Fellow Ugandans where shall we end? Please educate me!
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0 #11 Zirindabalwange 2010-02-11 14:26
Kimeze means something that has been planted and starts to grow. Am from Bugerere and went to school with some of Muzeyi Mpagi's children but you could not dare call them banyala they were pure Baganda. Do you all remember UPC Buganda it was Muzeyi Mpagi who was behing it In Kayunga with Paul Muwanga. Museveni does not care about culture because he has none. All he is interest in are votes. After knowing that banyala are only 2.7% he had to make a U turn. I wish all people visited that area from Kyelima up to Galiraya it is the poorest area of Kayunga District and these are people who can spend a day hunting for 4 kg animal and share it among 20 people. They cannot survive without the rest of Kayunga. I think you can see how Museveni has started to ignore them. Kimeze is a joke, that is why he only operates between Baale and Galilaya because there no people there to beat him up. I wish he can organise a rally at Kayunga, Busaana, Nazigo, Kangulumira Bukeka and we see how many balls he has.
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0 #12 Lweezi Ntaro 2010-02-11 16:55
Kakooza has provided vivid examples of the likes of Kimeze. Even Bokasa of CAR made himself emperor. I come from Buluri and I am an adoptive Muganda. The truth is No Muluri or Munyara supports M7's conjectures of chiefdoms. They will fade with him, let him try or hecan, but he must go one way or another. Awangale Magulu Nyondo
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0 #13 kabayekka 2010-02-12 00:44
Mr Sololo Mr Yoweri says that he sponsored his political bread by farming.
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0 #14 hajji sadat mohamed ssemakula 2010-02-12 09:22
In life we should all appreciate the little God has provided us with as every one in this planet is better than the other and others are too poor than us.

Remember the ladies and gentlemen we left behind and think of them, remember to hepl those in needy so that u do not face the same tragedy.

Many of us that is our back ground have we done some thing better to help and change or we just go for burrial is that enough?

As we talk about museven let us also think of our denial to develop where we come from which is the sign of the lack of love to many to think of going back home.

we do not even care what happens to our relatives or neighboughs at home we have adopted the white man's life no no we need to change as we have a belonging.

may u all be blessed.

Captain sadat mohmed

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0 #15 kanyike 2010-02-12 20:17
Let museveni do whatever he wants with the powers he has for now, but he should be reminded that just as he changed the consitution we in future shall reverse every,thing let him know that a ruler has never survived the population he/she rules,time wll come when he will not be here and whoever will be around will see the injustices nothing is cut in stone
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0 #16 Jim Kamezza 2010-02-13 11:30
Let m7 and his kimezze west their time , JUST remember out this m7 saga 30 ugandans lost their lives , could the dictatot thing of anything bloodless ??
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0 #17 DAVID 2010-02-13 19:03
The genuinity of the Banyala and Baruuli cultural leaders can ONLY be traced from the 1995 Ugandan Constitution,es pecially article 246 and nothing else.

If Mengo is wronged in anyway by the existance of what she terms as the "NRM-fabricated -chiefdoms" a la Ssabanyalaship, Ssabamooliship and Ssabaruuliship, the first point of call she would take would be to seek a petition from the constitutional court aimed at trashing what she terms as "cultural clowns".

Secondly,Mengo should resort to dialogue with the "rebel" chiefs if at all she lacks the legal clout to take on these fellas.Infact this would have circumvented the post September 2009 events,as sanity would have prevailed.

The Buganda-Kooki Agreement(1896) aimed at peaceful co-existance between Buganda under the Kabaka and Kooki and the Kamuswaga,is an excellent example from which the current leadership at Mengo should borrow a leaf instead of resorting to truculency punctuated by barbs,tantrums and acerbity.

Talks with the Ssabamooli as anounced by the Kabaka last year are indeed welcome and i pray that he ignores his fanatic advisers and subjects so that he extends his olive branch to the Ssabanyala and the Ssabaruuli.

Basing on the historicity of the latters' rivalry towards Mengo,the duo have genuine concerns regarding their culture which indeed needs to be revisited,as all this quagmire was created over a century ago by the British,the then Buganda allies,at the aftermath of the 1900 Agreement that created discontent among the duo subjugated groups.

Its indeed an irony that some fellas who're fond of castigating M7 for failure to talk to the international terrorist groups like LRA and ADF usually get a field day to oppose dialogue with their Banyala and Baruuli brothers because they're opposed to Mengo,as if the latter are infallible!!!!! !
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0 #18 Nkuba Kyeyo 2010-02-14 07:55
Every one seems to be breaking away from someone . I wonder why the Banyaruguru and the Batagwenda from Ibanda keep on accepting to be called Banyankole .

Dont they know that they are "Baganda" who happen to have immigrated to these areas ?
Gen. Kahinda Otafiire should be declared the Ssabanyaruguru next week.
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0 #19 Kamoga Matayo 2010-02-14 12:18
Capp, Mr, Or in M7's way King Kimeze. You are being used and at last your sweat will amount to nothing.

Am afraid you are blind to see that the man is using you as he has used all the manes you might know. Several Baganda Mininsters and Mps have been used and at last are thrown there with no where to go. I can give you examples of Ministers who are at logger heads with Buganda, their families hence no where to go when kagutta eventually throw them out. Read all the postings abve if you have a head to understand you will catch some sense.
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0 #20 Kamoga Matayo 2010-02-14 12:23
I cant understand why people dont get it right, M7 is a divide and rule guy whose only interest is in break- aways.

For those of you failing to see where he comes from trace his onduct at home, he is a break-away from Jannet. So how would M7 like any group of people living together in harmony? Never. Kimeze you are a Jannet. Go on you will come back home and pose a Muganda on functions just as Jannet does
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