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Lydia Draru, the lady in whose shanty house the former army commander, Maj Gen James Kazini, died told police today that she was behind the murder.

Draru made a statement at the Central Police Station in which she said she had domestic problems which Kazini as husband had not solved. This confession is likely to make the work of investigators easy, who will now concentrate on the motive of the murder. Draru was due to appear at Buganda Road Magistrates Court today afternoon.
Kazini was hit by an iron bar at 5AM today morning after a misunderstanding. Neighbours told The Observer that noises were first heard emanating from the house and after that, Kazini was heard calling for help. After carrying out the horrendous act, a confused Draru reportedly ran out of the house, shouting: “I have killed him, I have killed him.”

Kazini’s grief stricken wife Phoebe, visited the scene of the murder in a company of a relative. Witnesses said she exclaimed at the horrible conditions in which her husband died. Police took blood samples from the scene.  Kazini’s body is still at Mulago and later in the evening it will be taken to his home in Munyonyo for the night vigil.


Kazini became Army commander in 2001 and was dropped in 2003.
 In December 2003, Museveni committed him and a dozen senior officers to the General Court Martial on various charges, especially creation and maintenance of “ghost” soldiers on the army payroll.
Others included Brig. Nakibus Lakara (former chief of staff), Brig. Henry Tumukunde (former director general of ISO), and Brig. Andrew Guti who was later pardoned and even promoted.
On March 27, 2008, when the General Court Martial under Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta sentenced him to three years in jail for causing financial loss of Shs60 million, Kazini wept. Kazini and others, still on trial, allegedly maintained 24,000 fictitious names on the army payroll which resulted in loss of Shs 600 billion in 13 years.

He later challenged the sentence in the Constitutional Court, arguing that the Court Martial had no jurisdiction to hear the case but he recently lost the appeal.
He had lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court and the case was due for hearing.
Kazini was always perceived to be a blind loyalist of the commander-in-chief since joining the NRA around 1984 after he defected from Lt. Gen. Moses Ali’s West Nile based rebel group.

Kazini later became the escort commander of Gen. Salim Saleh. Saleh helped Kazini rise through military ranks and to win favours from the commander-in-chief.

Kazini conflicted with virtually every senior commander in the Army but the President kept faith in him. He was so loved that even after allegedly causing the death of over 700 soldiers in the first clash with Rwanda in Kisangani; he didn’t face the firing squad as stipulated in UPDF Act. Instead, Museveni ran away from the UPDF High Command meeting at Bombo and left it to Amama Mbabazi who announced that Gen. Elly Tumwine would lead a probe that never produced a report.
Kazini knew that the winning card was to praise the President whenever an opportunity presented itself.
During one of such moment, he said during a meeting of the Army Council in Bombo that he sympathised with the President because he was left do all the work alone while officers were eating eggs and doing business. Museveni smiled.


•    Defected from Maj. Gen. Moses Ali’s Uganda National Rescue Front in 1984 to join NRA
•    Appointed commander of Gen. Salim Saleh’s escorts
•    1987 becomes commissioned officer at the rank of Captain.
•    1989 promoted to Major and appointed Commander of Military Police
•    1991 promoted  to Lt. Col. and appointed Commander of  Masaka Mechanized Regiment to replace Col. Kizza Besigye
•    1995 sent to West Nile to fight the Gen Ali Bamuze’s West Nile Rescue Front 11.
•    1996, promoted to Colonel and given additional responsibilities in Gulu based Division 4. This appointment caused a rift between the then commander of  Division 4, Brig Chefe Ali (RIP) and Kazini. Ultimately Chefe was made Chief of Staff and transferred to Bombo Army Headquarters and Kazini became full Division 4 Commander
•    In March, 1998, Kazini is deployed in Kasese the fight the ADF rebels.
•    1999 was promoted Brigadier, appointed Chief of Staff  and commander of Safe Haven  Operation in DR Congo.
•    In 2000, after two clashes between the armies of Rwanda and Uganda in Kisangani (1999 and 2000), he was recalled from DR Congo.

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0 #1 Anthony Mugabira 2009-11-10 06:25
It is unfirtunate that Gen. Kazini has died in such a way. we shall always celebrate his norble contributions to this country he loved.

Let him send our lovely greetings to Mayombo and Lumuba I loved them and we miss them all
0 #2 Denis 2009-11-10 06:47
RIP afande
0 #3 Werikhe Gerald 2009-11-10 06:59
Every thing comes to an end but it is not a good end for a man who fought hard to bring the ruling regime,defended it but died frustrated.

In september,i got the opportunity to chart with the fallen General at his Hotel in Kasese.He was critical of ethenicity which has eaten up NRM.

He told me he had abandoned the home he built in Nyabushozi to retreat to his home in Kasese to show solidarity with his Rwenzori who are languishing in poverty.

Compared to his colleages currently close to the centres of power,i think he is right to have said that he was mistreated.He painfuly narrated to me how his brother the Late.Col.Jet Mwebaze died in very suspicious cercumstances.

I wished to have another oportunity to share with him his lifetime stories.Great loss to his family,big loss to the people of Kasese.
0 #4 la la 2009-11-10 07:00
we are gonna miss his army drama in the tabloids
0 #5 ekiyakunzire ndungu norbert 2009-11-10 07:07
just failed to say a thing coz ma heart has been reaped out by the sad news i received early this morning........ haaaaaaaaa
0 #6 samuel 2009-11-10 07:31 really quiet unbeleievable.But we have to run fron this that life is to short and we should commit our life to the lord jesus christ.
0 #7 Ado Kaka K.A. 2009-11-10 07:35
Gen Kazini was a soldier to the end. While some commanders looked as ADF raided Fort Portal, within weeks of assuming command, he ordered all troops to climb the Rwenzori's.

his argument: are the ADF who are up there not human? He defeated d hooligans. Viva Affande Rest in peace!
0 #8 richards 2009-11-10 07:43
i would say the country will gre4atly miss him for what he contributed to the safety of our country rst n peace afande
0 #9 Akilles 2009-11-10 08:07
based on his profile and the few things i have known of him,he was a determined and commited man.We will miss him so much.May his soul rest in eternal peace.
0 #10 Marcy Luwedde 2009-11-10 08:08
At times we fail to mourn those we would have mourn because of the record of the govt. they have been serving and what we remember of their deeds. Kazini..... I wish the man had time to repent.

How many Ugandans died at the hands of this General, how much money did he really steal from us ?

Stop this bad habit of praising every dead , some need to be condemed for having left the world a worse place than they found it. Rest in piece, sorry in meant to say in peace. Read Isiah chapter 14.
0 #11 Eva 2009-11-10 08:20
Gone too soon, we shall miss him. Condolences to UPDF and his family. May His Soul rest in eternal peace.
0 #12 Linonn 2009-11-10 08:28
Your life was awesome, his service was legendary
0 #13 Yiga Paul 2009-11-10 08:33
left with only little word to say but Gen has been a man of destiny and I always loved him. Its bad that we are missing great people in our country.

Gen we will miss you more and more I appreciate all the work you have done
May your soul rest in entenal peace
0 #14 hamada 2009-11-10 08:35
we will miss one of the bravest sons uganda has ever produced! but again we thank God for his life and what he did for this in eternal peace afande
0 #15 Evi 2009-11-10 08:44
who was this girlfriend? What wa she doing at her house and most of all Where was his official wife?
Pieces of puzzle missing here and there.

RIP Maj Kazini
0 #16 joan 2009-11-10 08:45
its a pitty loosing a paramount officer in the hands of a reckless lady who does not look at the virtue of life..however this stands a lesson to all married men including women to take charge and responsibilty of thier dear ones.
0 #17 J.B.kagwa 2009-11-10 08:58
Uganda has indeed lost a gallant fighter...He may have been an officer, but in his death we now note that he was human..May God Bless his Soul..Maj.Gen Kazini has indeed served Uganda to the best of his ability..
0 #18 kasaija 2009-11-10 08:59
many thot Afande kazini was mad because he stepped on toes of the "untouchables" I choose to believe otherwise.

a fine soldier and a galant comrade,this country we have lost.its rather unfortunate that it wasnt on the battle front that you gashed yo last breath but rather at the hands of this worldly desire. Some of us will not judge u by this.
RIP Afande.
0 #19 edie 2009-11-10 09:40
Its so sad for our Military Hero who broke the neck of the nasty ADF die in such circumstances most esspecially after all the daring battles he had servived.I Caaaannnntt say athing.We have lost a person who contributed to peace in this COuntry he loved so very much.
0 #20 Dan Musinguzi 2009-11-10 09:54
I cannot believe it!

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