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Lydia Draru, the lady in whose shanty house the former army commander, Maj Gen James Kazini, died told police today that she was behind the murder.

Draru made a statement at the Central Police Station in which she said she had domestic problems which Kazini as husband had not solved. This confession is likely to make the work of investigators easy, who will now concentrate on the motive of the murder. Draru was due to appear at Buganda Road Magistrates Court today afternoon.
Kazini was hit by an iron bar at 5AM today morning after a misunderstanding. Neighbours told The Observer that noises were first heard emanating from the house and after that, Kazini was heard calling for help. After carrying out the horrendous act, a confused Draru reportedly ran out of the house, shouting: “I have killed him, I have killed him.”

Kazini’s grief stricken wife Phoebe, visited the scene of the murder in a company of a relative. Witnesses said she exclaimed at the horrible conditions in which her husband died. Police took blood samples from the scene.  Kazini’s body is still at Mulago and later in the evening it will be taken to his home in Munyonyo for the night vigil.


Kazini became Army commander in 2001 and was dropped in 2003.
 In December 2003, Museveni committed him and a dozen senior officers to the General Court Martial on various charges, especially creation and maintenance of “ghost” soldiers on the army payroll.
Others included Brig. Nakibus Lakara (former chief of staff), Brig. Henry Tumukunde (former director general of ISO), and Brig. Andrew Guti who was later pardoned and even promoted.
On March 27, 2008, when the General Court Martial under Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta sentenced him to three years in jail for causing financial loss of Shs60 million, Kazini wept. Kazini and others, still on trial, allegedly maintained 24,000 fictitious names on the army payroll which resulted in loss of Shs 600 billion in 13 years.

He later challenged the sentence in the Constitutional Court, arguing that the Court Martial had no jurisdiction to hear the case but he recently lost the appeal.
He had lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court and the case was due for hearing.
Kazini was always perceived to be a blind loyalist of the commander-in-chief since joining the NRA around 1984 after he defected from Lt. Gen. Moses Ali’s West Nile based rebel group.

Kazini later became the escort commander of Gen. Salim Saleh. Saleh helped Kazini rise through military ranks and to win favours from the commander-in-chief.

Kazini conflicted with virtually every senior commander in the Army but the President kept faith in him. He was so loved that even after allegedly causing the death of over 700 soldiers in the first clash with Rwanda in Kisangani; he didn’t face the firing squad as stipulated in UPDF Act. Instead, Museveni ran away from the UPDF High Command meeting at Bombo and left it to Amama Mbabazi who announced that Gen. Elly Tumwine would lead a probe that never produced a report.
Kazini knew that the winning card was to praise the President whenever an opportunity presented itself.
During one of such moment, he said during a meeting of the Army Council in Bombo that he sympathised with the President because he was left do all the work alone while officers were eating eggs and doing business. Museveni smiled.


•    Defected from Maj. Gen. Moses Ali’s Uganda National Rescue Front in 1984 to join NRA
•    Appointed commander of Gen. Salim Saleh’s escorts
•    1987 becomes commissioned officer at the rank of Captain.
•    1989 promoted to Major and appointed Commander of Military Police
•    1991 promoted  to Lt. Col. and appointed Commander of  Masaka Mechanized Regiment to replace Col. Kizza Besigye
•    1995 sent to West Nile to fight the Gen Ali Bamuze’s West Nile Rescue Front 11.
•    1996, promoted to Colonel and given additional responsibilities in Gulu based Division 4. This appointment caused a rift between the then commander of  Division 4, Brig Chefe Ali (RIP) and Kazini. Ultimately Chefe was made Chief of Staff and transferred to Bombo Army Headquarters and Kazini became full Division 4 Commander
•    In March, 1998, Kazini is deployed in Kasese the fight the ADF rebels.
•    1999 was promoted Brigadier, appointed Chief of Staff  and commander of Safe Haven  Operation in DR Congo.
•    In 2000, after two clashes between the armies of Rwanda and Uganda in Kisangani (1999 and 2000), he was recalled from DR Congo.

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0 #61 kizito 2009-11-10 21:25
Died doing what he loved to do others died pleading for their lives. The man had his zip down and the lady fought back.
0 #62 Judas Iscariot 2009-11-10 21:32
This woman did not kill Kazini. Which prostitute/mala ya or concubine has the audacity to butcher an army General to death and admit it in public -- unless of course she has some "unmentioned" protectors.

Since, allegedly Kazini was there at her house, if she had killed him, dumped his body in some dumpster and then fled off to a foreign country I would have believed her story.

As it stands, she's nothing but an accomplice to a first degree murder.

One other thing, what would such a woman be doing with a metallic bar strong enough to kill Kazini? Is she a butcher?

Lastly, unless she convinces me that she killed Kazini after he had gone to sleep, you cannot explain to me how any person, male or female, can have the audacity to reach for a metallic bar against an armed soldier.
0 #63 dora nabukenya 2009-11-10 21:34
Men have died under mysterious circumstances, in 2004 a young soldier by the name Patrick whose home is in the neighbourhood of Afande Kategaya was murdered by his wife with whom he had one daughter. She cut his head with an axe, nothing was done no justice. Afande Kazini your death has reignited the death of Patrick in my heart, why why why? RIP Afande you will be remembered foe ever and those involved will perish too one day and meet you in the next world. Uganda my country is gone gone RIP AFANDE
0 #64 mugabo 2009-11-10 22:26
Your headline is completely misleading, and you should actually take it down. The woman said she killed Kazini. She did not PLEAD GUILTY TO MURDERING HIM. Consult any lawyer, and he`ll tell you the difference between the two
0 #65 Twakoowa 2009-11-11 00:48
So many iron bars lying around all over the place. I don't know what this is all about because I don't know neither the woman nor the man, not as ordinaly people not as heroes.

But of the lot I know about Uganda and "Ugandans" I think people should keep God out of this. Only He knows where and when he comes in. And I also believe you rest in peace, when you have done your work right, RIP is not a constitutional right.
0 #66 Kajubi James 0712417709 2009-11-11 01:45
I really feel sad by the way the former army commander died,the Baganda have a saying that'The heroes can be killed by small thing....,May his soul rest in eternal peace
0 #67 owor 2009-11-11 03:38
its unfortunate but true about the death of JK. young or old its a lesson for us. have respect for the family that you will leave behind and above all who are accountable for your life.

i sympathise with the wife who has no words to explain the husbands death. its painful. Uganda has lost a great leader but socially decayed. may his soul rest in internal peace.
0 #68 Bubbly 2009-11-11 04:12
I don't see why we are making such a fuss over Kazini's death. SO what if he was a well known army man? SO what if he fought wars? What about all the other people dying?

And don't tell me about the VP's son. He is just like any other young man who died too soon. Back to Kazini, I am sad for his children and other dependants, but life goes on. As for what actually went down, only God and Draru and whoever else may have been there know.
0 #69 Mathias Matege 2009-11-11 04:34
Am really confused as of now,missing such great afande.General rest in eternal peace.We will miss u forever.
0 #70 ketie 2009-11-11 05:32
As a woman, i highly condemn the actions of Draru Lydia Atim a.k.a Assimwe.And she shd face real hell and the law.

If this woman (Draru)didn't act alone(i mean if she's used) to do such horrible thing to kazini ( which i strongly suspect), she must stand warned that, that's the end of her life also. Those who used her, will now turn against her as we have witnessed in some other cases Read Besigye's case)where people are used to do dirt for others and later turn against them. That's the reality and the norm in this Mafia clique (Read regime).
I appeal to all women and men out there, who were used and /or are willing to be used to kill your friends, relatives, coworkers,neigh bours, lovers (partners) etc, you MUST stand warned that, after he/she's gone, celebrate only for 10 minutes b'se the next person to follow him/her is none other than you. That's how this clique commands their chain of operation.
Therefore, before you decide to be used to kill someone (in the name of survival), first ask yourself whether you also still want to live. Otherwise their Motto is; "Kill today and be killed tommorrow" "Not kill to survive as they tell you"
Kazini rest in peace and whoever murdered you will rest in pieces whether he/she'l be alive or dead.
0 #71 Mr. T 2009-11-11 05:50
Its bad news that he's dead. But how I wish we could make all flash backs of his life, band and good. I think his dark side outweighs the bright side. The first Ugandan who said the KABAKA can be arrested, some atrocities in Luwero (I hear), Plunder of national resources and Congo saga. Its bad he he fought for a bad regime, the virtue of which his death remains a mystery. I don't think he'll Rest in Peace for he died a sinly way, we he had time to repent - may be he did it the last second. Mysterious deaths are becoming the order of the day, Amin wasn't educated and so could kill irresponsibly but the learned bad regime has all the intellect to do it wisely. Lets thank him for the good thinks butt.....
0 #72 anonymous 2009-11-11 07:43
Could it be that Kazini was unhappy and questioning about the way his brother Jet Mwebaze died, also questioning several other issues and so he (Kazini) had to be eliminated at any earliest opportunity? Otherwise I find it hard to believe that this woman acted alone. Sorry he's died before giving his life to Christ.
0 #73 Rodney 2009-11-11 07:44
The Kazini - Draru incidence is the exact replay of Samson's - Delilah/Philist ines film portryed in Judges 16. As Samson was, so Kazini was deadly in the battlefield but not in bedroom. Your enemy will follow you at your weakest point or he will always wait you there with all wit.
Men, I wish we could all remember what our sunday school teachers used to teach us and not die like dogs. I wish James had time to repent. May God judge him with liniency. Farewell James!! But other let's wake up!
0 #74 hellie 2009-11-11 08:02
may his soul rest in peace. let God be the one to judge and not man. i should say it was his day to leave us though very sad about his loss.honestly his day had come like anyone of us will leave this world one day. JK we're honestly going to miss you.agreat liberator and commander. may God be with you whereever you are going. so sad
0 #75 kukunda 2009-11-11 08:15
From the confession of Draru i have read in the Monitor and New Vision papers ,i conclude that, this woman is just a vampire like ones we watch in movies.
If human beings had the power to determine their death, Kazini wouldn't have died the way he did, but alas. That's the irony of life. Just rest in peace.
0 #76 Ozoo 2009-11-11 08:16
Did the daughter of Lugbaras as it is sang kill this general alone? No! police find out!
0 #77 muhammad 2009-11-11 08:20
condolense to the family of kazin, so many great leaders we know and those we dont have taken the same destiny. whether you name it iron bar murder or not, your turn is around the corner and it will be branded as well. we wish to have extremly pure people to inherit this country.
0 #78 Noah 2009-11-11 08:24
thats unbelievable hes gone,,what a gallant soldier he was,,i recall seeing him often on the front he sacrificed for this country..the country need such gallant soldiers and we shall miss him,,RIP
0 #79 george willy 2009-11-11 08:54
Its pitty but we should not praise him alot b'coz did he had kavuyo every where so let him rest in peace but he wasn't an easy man.....
0 #80 byoma 2009-11-11 13:07
where was the killer's sister when the general was being clobbered to death?
why was he called from his home, and by the way, who called him, and why?

would he have survived if he had received help as he was calling for it; in such case, the sister to the killer should also be charged for either assisting the killer or neglecting to help a dying man.
0 #81 Matte Magwara 2009-11-11 13:20
Bye bye Afande Kazini. This world is not our home. May justice be done.
0 #82 Juma Kato 2009-11-11 13:40
One more very big funeral has arrived , thanks to Miss Katayimbwa . As usual , the occasion will provide President Museveni with an opportunity to make one big speech .

I am waiting for him to say that the late Kazini was one of the few young revolutionalist that he has indentified as his successor . On that short list , is the name of another James , Wapakabulo , Mayombo , and Sserwanga Lwanga .

There will be tears to follow that announcement . But as the Baganda say , "asekela mukikonde" . Someone must be happy that one of the few NRA officers who openly grumbled about how the army is badly run is no longer alive .
0 #83 ATUKWATSE ALEX 2009-11-11 14:16
that it has not been bcoz of the weapon, which is loved by many and hated by many,which has saved millions of lives and killed millions of lives, but just a metal bar...........


we shall live to remember all that you have done.......

0 #84 2009-11-11 14:41
Power and corruption is killing them! The woman acted in self defense. His history of alchoholism and torturing women is well documented. So lets not praise a man of such a calibre.

What contributions to the country..... corruption? They all fought for their own interests and not for the country. If it had been for Uganda, this country would not still be a 3rd world country, most corrupt, with a dictatorial regime etc.
0 #85 BERNA KODILI C 2009-11-11 14:54
Welldone rest in peace what u did not do u were not meant to.thank God you did what you were meant to, to your very best.Bravo Gen Kazini may God have mercy on you.will be dearly missed
0 #86 borat 2009-11-11 16:09
There, I said it! A resounding reminder to all those involved in keeping fellow citizens under the military yoke. You are not as invincible as you think.

And what better vengeance than a "mere" woman. He was a soldier who served his boss, but no Ugandan hero. This noun is bandied around too much. One less brute to worry about. Now, start decomposing!
0 #87 Frustrated soldier 2009-11-11 16:21
I'm surprised by the way ugandans award heroism. Can u imagine some1 just refered to brian bukenya as a hero!!!!!!

When I was doing cadet yrs back, my instructors used 2 say cadet is neither a person nor an animal. A cadet is something worthless. Now wen I see people refering to a cadet as a hero, I get frustrated.

Some of us have served this country in unbelievable situations but we have not seen our fallen collegues being labled heros. Actually on record no cadet course has ever got completed without atleast a cadet dying. May be it takes being a son of a big man.
0 #88 Tim Abuu 2009-11-11 17:50
One by one, they will all go, just like their victims did, and so we all shall!
Hero?! Villain?! Whatever, RIP
0 #89 SENRICH 2009-11-11 17:51
May james' soul rest in eternal peace but remember everyone has to be judged before God.
0 #90 Mary Gorretti Nsinjo, Ca., USA 2009-11-11 19:23
Even though bad things shouldn't be said of a dead person, truth has to be said. Maj. Gen. Kazini will be missed by many, the soldiers, Villa fans and those who ate and drunk with him.

However, there are many who will not regret his death. He was implicated in an UN report for plundering Congo's resources. The Congolese will not regret him. He beat up Dr. Kagoda after falsily suspecting him of having an affair with his girl friend Winnie whom he also beat up also.

No love lost with Dr. Kagoda! Yet the greatest irony is how can a Major General who fought many wars be killed by a lady? This reminds us that we carry our vessels in earthen ware. Those who kill others by the sword die by the sword. A lesson to all of us, whether we are Generals, priests, pastors or doctors. May his soul rest in peace.

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