NRM women league leaders in Tororo have asked for a special meeting with President Museveni to prepare for the  2016 elections.

The women leaders, drawn from all over the district, made the appeal last month at the district council chambers, as they met State House officials, who included the Senior presidential advisor on Women affairs, Sylvia Latigo Olal, the assistant private secretary to the president in charge of women affairs Felicity Etyang, and the NRM women league national vice chairperson for the Eastern region, Phibby Otaala.

Whereas the State House team was on a fact-finding mission to establish if the women were benefiting from various programmes like Naads, Nusaf and Saccos, the women were looking at 2016.

“We have been voting for him and his party overwhelmingly in the past elections, but here we are, abandoned, dejected and frustrated; we want to have audience with him to air out our problems directly without using third party. I think it is high time we either met him or sat back and folded our hands in 2016,” said Betty Akicoth, the district vice chairperson.

Akicoth said they had also appealed to the president and first lady, Janet Museveni, through letters but had been frustrated that nothing had yet happened.

She added that most women had not benefitted from the programmes due to what she called hidden agendas. Yedidah Ochwo, another woman leader, added that they were not benefitting from the projects as they had been mismanaged by a few officials at the district.

“It is true government has several programmes on the ground, but it is a few wealthy and well-positioned Ugandans benefiting from these programmes,” she charged.

In response, Latigo pledged to pass on their complaints and call for a meeting with the president. She asked women to support girl child education as the only tool to have a well-informed nation.

The meeting also created a platform for the formation of a women voice for the district headed by Pastor Ruth Kahawa, the director of Smile Africa Ministries, which will link the women to the district and central government.

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0 #1 Wadada Rogers 2014-02-10 08:41
The special meeting with President Museveni is not to prepare for the 2016 elections, but to beg, many of them have been reduced to create excuses so as to beg this and the other.
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+2 #2 Samuel Ochieng 2014-02-10 08:46
I think the women of Tororo District need to be realistic, the NRM government formed institutions to run the affairs of the state. it is my understanding based on this article that these women appreciate that government programmes like NAADs are available at the District the only problem is that this services have not been adequately delivered by the district authorities.

Instead of calling for the meeting with the president kindly lodge the case to the office of the IGG or the RDC who monitors government programmes at the district level.

The president is a very high profile person with a lot of items on his schedule though you have all the right to seek his attention it is just important that we do nit congest him with a lot of tasks locally he also needs to address important regional issues that he is championing.
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