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If Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had personally opened all correspondence addressed to her two weeks ago, she could have been a victim of a bomb delivered in one of the parcels sent to her office.

Instead, it is an attendant at Kadaga’s Parliament office who suffered serious facial injuries after opening the “letter bomb” sent to the speaker.

The attendant, Herman Kaboggoza, was rushed to Mulago hospital, where he spent a week in intensive care. By Friday, Kaboggoza was reported out of danger, although he is still recuperating at Mulago.

The Observer has learnt that Kaboggoza picked the parcel from Kadaga’s mail box at the general post office in Kampala.

“When he reached office (Parliament), he opened the parcels and one of them exploded in his face,” a staffer in Kadaga’s office said.

The incident happened a fortnight ago, while Kadaga was out of the country on official duty.

“Because the letter was addressed to Kadaga, they [senders] could have thought that she would be the one to open it,” a source familiar with the incident told The Observer.

According to the Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, a letter bomb, also called parcel bomb, mail bomb or post bomb, is an explosive device sent via the postal service, and designed with the intention to injure or kill the recipient when opened.

Some countries have agencies whose duties include the interdiction of letter bombs and investigations into letter bombings. Sources at Parliament said the senders of this letter with explosive implants could have hoped that Kadaga would open the parcel.

Instead, the ‘letter bomb’ as our source at Parliament termed it, blew up in the face of an unintended target because at the time, Kadaga was away attending international conferences in New Zealand and Geneva (Switzerland).


Most Parliament staff are tight-lipped about the incident. Parliament’s Public Relations Manager Helen Kawesa seemed surprised when asked about the incident.

“How did you learn about that? Well, I am on leave, I have not been around; so, I don’t know,” Kaweesa said by telephone, adding; “That is Ranny’s [Ismail, Kadaga’s spokesperson] area, maybe talk to her.”

Several police officers at Parliament, including those attached to Kadaga’s security detail, were also hesitant to speak about the attack. But their body language and facial expressions indicated that they knew a thing or two about the incident.

“Don’t ask me, I know nothing about it,” said a senior police officer attached to Parliament.

When contacted, Ismail declined to comment. She said she had been away with Kadaga attending the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Speakers’ and Presiding Officers’ conference in New Zealand and the Women Speakers’ forum conferences in Geneva.

“We are just reaching home (from the airport), we have been away, I haven’t got any brief on what has been happening at Parliament, maybe I will be in position to comment next week,” Ismail said by telephone on Friday.

We have however established that the investigation has been taken over by the Joint Anti- Terrorism Taskforce (JATT).

Police Spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, said she could not comment on the matter since it was being investigated by JATT, which comprises operatives from several security agencies.


Last December Kadaga shocked the House when she told MPs about an incident in which a train nearly crashed into her car near Mukwano Industries in Kampala as she was being driven back home.

“If it had not been for the alertness of my drivers, I would have been history today, last night; a train almost crushed me to pieces as I was crossing the road near Mukwano industries,” Kadaga told Parliament on December 12.

The speaker, whose motorcade enjoys the right of way, told MPs that the train emerged from nowhere without the usual warnings. Kadaga asked the Transport minister Abraham Byandala to look into it. However, The Observer could not establish last week if a formal investigation had been concluded, or even undertaken.

The 57-year-old Kamuli Woman MP enjoys lots of public goodwill, largely because she is seen as an independent speaker who stands up to the executive’s excesses.

And of recent, the Second National Vice Chairperson of the NRM has been touted by her supporters as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, alongside Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya.

Some MPs interviewed believe she has become a target for possible assassination. Other legislators, however, suggested that she could be targeted by the homosexuality lobby given her role in the hurried December 20 passing of the Anti- Homosexuality Bill.

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+7 #1 obwangor john 2014-02-03 07:33
CMI time to swing to action. As for our speaker God loves and will always protect you from your enemies
+14 #2 sn 2014-02-03 07:38
This is NRM, product of NRA, founder of RPA/F. Killing others seems to be normal and expected.

Previously there was the death of Ayume; Bukenya's son etc. What has become of any investigations! Sometimes one can not rule out the possibility of the investigators being involved in the incidents in the first place.

There is also the gay bill in parliament....There are too many enemies in Uganda!
+6 #3 Tekizzikayo 2014-02-03 07:50
That's his game again. He is a murderer. This is the time 4 Kadaga & all other contenders; stay strong. No quitting!
-61 #4 Wadada Rogers 2014-02-03 07:50
Kadaga should stop being a coward to the extent of fearing her own shadow.

If she has stepped on people's toes, let her face it
+17 #5 Lakwena 2014-02-03 08:35
Hon Kadaga better watch out; letter bombs are too complicated for Ugandans to dispense!

In my 7th sense, the letter bomb must have been sent by the homosexual activists who have been pissed off.

Partly because, it was in Canada, 2012; where our beloved Speaker made it clear to the world in black and white that Homosexuality is an inhuman and antisocial, sexual behavior that has no place in Uganda.

Having presided over passing the anti-homo bill, into law; which awaits the foot-and hand-dragging signature of the president, the homos must be furious as the law gets into their way of promoting and practicing stupidity.
+8 #6 Paul 2014-02-03 09:42
This unfortunate ... let me hope it wasn't an inside deal, for we are told there is enough security for all nationals.

Should i say those security gadgets at the entry point are not working for such parcel to be cried up to the speakers mail box? Politically this is to scare away the speaker from her ambition from presidency come 2016
+6 #7 Samuel Ochieng 2014-02-03 10:59
In the words of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe during the burial of his sister (Life is a gift of God that is why I have stayed for all this long).

Hon.Kadaga, it is only GOD that has planned for your life, any other dubious human being can not take it away, by the fact that you survived this incident be sure of your 100+ years. For GOD and My Country
+9 #8 Okello Martin 2014-02-03 11:22
Its trains which have the right of Way at Railway crossings
+7 #9 Mwafrika 2014-02-03 11:30
some1 somwhere is not telling us the truth, tthe fact i know is that all mail & parcell are checked by JAT agent at every post office withing our great country, so how did that parcel get through????? its even very hard to think that is was sent from outside country

tell us the real truth and not hide behid that it was sent
+6 #10 eric L 2014-02-03 11:34
The mafia is always @ work and its(their) methods are always such cowardly.

I believe that If one does not have what they can die for,then they live for nothing-I know good will win at last and Kadaga will survive such [censored] unlike Mayombo who joined the [censored] and was chocked by the same.
+8 #11 Kawaase 2014-02-03 11:49
One dances with the devil at their own risk! From Karegeya to Kadaga, the chronology is evident!

Greedy guys can't stand decent competition!
+4 #12 Lakwena 2014-02-03 12:31
Quoting Paul:
This unfortunate ... let me hope it wasn't an inside deal, for we are told there is enough security for all nationals.

Should i say those security gadgets at the entry point are not working for such parcel to be cried up to the speakers mail box? Politically this is to scare away the speaker from her ambition from presidency come 2016

Paul, letter bombs are chemical in nature (vacuum packed). Chemicals like pure sulfur is stored in water, because it explodes into flame as soon as it gets into contact with air.

Therefore metal detectors is useless.
+6 #13 james 2014-02-03 12:31
I beleive in prayers, and we should start praying for Hon.Kadaga that God will protect her and if possible let those who are after her life be the one to die in return.

Corrupt and evils doers are only people who would wish her to die. They belong to evil world and do not what to be poked into their evil acts. May the Almighty God protect her and together with her close security men and women.
+4 #14 Paul 2014-02-03 12:42
Prime suspect is Mubiru of the gay fame or anyone of his like.
+6 #15 Han Edison 2014-02-03 12:50
In Lusoga we say the person(S) you dine with are the ones who can kill you. The ploy/plot cannot be by stangers.

Her survival is God's protection and God will continue protecting her against sodomites etc
+6 #16 joanitah 2014-02-03 13:24
God is with you.
+3 #17 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-03 16:20
Quoting Lakwena:
In my 7th sense, the letter bomb must have been sent by the homosexual activists who have been pissed off.

Lakwena, as an American, I am well aware how militant sodomites can be promoting their agenda on society. Blood banks were deliberately contaminated by ACT-UP. Gay parades intentionally offend the sensibilities of straights with vulgar antics and undress.

What possible justification could there have been for being tight-lipped about the parcel bomb? Why cover up an attempted assassination. We live in a violent world and caution is required for survival.

Politicians have enemies and it is not a stretch of Lakwena's imagination to suspect the Anti-Homosexuality Act passage to have kindled gay wrath.
+1 #18 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-03 16:57
Quoting Lakwena:
...letter bombs are too complicated for Ugandans to dispense!

Lakwena, this is where you and I disagree. Although I have not made such a search, I am confident such information on how to assemble a parcel bomb is readily available online. It was not the work of an illiterate peasant with no understanding of chemistry.

Amazing the Speaker of Parliament was the intended recipient of the package and not the President. Time Museveni spent consulting with gay activists about what to do with the Anti-Homosexuality bill must have assured them he is no threat to their immoral lifestyle.

Did the order to keep the letter bomb quiet for two weeks come from the top?
+3 #19 kato k. hamiidu 2014-02-03 17:08
Quoting Wadada Rogers:
Kadaga should stop being a coward to the extent of fearing her own shadow.

If she has stepped on people's toes, let her face it

Bwana Wadada, how you reason is absolutely worrying to say the least. Which toes has she stepped on?

I reporting a near death from accident and a mail bomb the same as being a coward. Your are implying that Kadaga deserves to die without any questions being asked! Do you have axes to grind with her?
+2 #20 Betty Long Cap 2014-02-03 17:43
Quoting kato k. hamiidu:
Which toes has she stepped on?

kato k. hyamiidu, Lawkena, and I know exactly whose toes Speaker of Parliament stepped on. That parcel bomb was no accident but a deliberate attempt to assassinate Rebecca Kadaga.

The longer time goes before a full investigation the more likely there is a cover-up.

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